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Statement from the Standing Committee of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa
CAPA 060906-1
September 6, 2006

[CAPA - Africa]  NAIROBI, Kenya --

1. We urge all Christians in Africa and the world at large to be more loyal and dedicated to the Word of God. In the situation we find ourselves in todayís world we remind all Christian people of the need to be faithful, diligent, and prayerful and never to allow materialism and any pseudo religion to overshadow Christianity. We urge the CAPA Primates to soldier on this loyalty by ensuring sound theological and biblical teachings in all our Provinces.

2. We are committed to and reaffirm that Africa has come of age. We need to empower our people economically and we commend those Provinces that have already employed their Economic Officers. Those who are yet to do so are implored to do so quickly.

3. We note with gratitude the commendable work being done by our HIV/AIDS TB & Malaria Board through its Programme Coordinator.

4. We commend the fight against corruption and call on African governments not to relent in its effort until this cankerworm is defeated.

5. We note that General Elections are being held and will be held between now and the end of year 2007 in several African Countries. We urge political leadership in these countries to ensure level playing grounds for all participants, eschew bitterness, and avoid violence and blood shed. We pray that peace will prevail during the electioneering and outcome of the elections will be free and fair.


The Most Rev Peter Akinola

On Behalf of CAPA Standing Committee