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Canon Charles Kija Ngusa Chosen as Bishop Elect for Proposed New Diocese of Shinyanga
CAPA 050909-1
September 9, 2005

Statement by the Rev Canon Dr R Mwita Akiri, Provincial Secretary, Anglican Church of Tanzania

[CAPA - Tanzania] The Revd Canon Charles Kija Ngusa (54) has been chosen to be the Bishop Elect of the proposed new Diocese of Shinyanga within the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

The election took place on Friday, 12th August 2005 in the Church of St Stephen, Shinyanga under the supervision of the Rt Revd Simon Makundi, Bishop of the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro. The election was also witnessed by the General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, the Revd Canon Dr Mwita Akiri.

The election was carried out by a special Electoral Synod which consisted of pastors and lay people numbering 49 in total. This election took place in order to select the first Bishop of the Diocese of Shinyanga which is formed out of part of the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza.

Canon Ngusa was born on 30th June 1951 in Bariadi, Shinyanga. He was educated at Tosamaganga Secondary school from 1966 until 1970. After that he studied for his Diploma in Nursing at Muhimbili College, now Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences, from 1971 until 1975. He was made Deacon in 1990, and was ordained Priest in 1991. Canon Ngusa received his theological education at Bishop Tucker Theological College, Uganda from 1995 to 1998 and was awarded a degree in Theology. The College is now Uganda Christian University.

Canon Ngusa has worked as a Priest in various areas of the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza. Also, he was Principal of St Philip’s Theological College, Kongwa. He is married with three children.

Following his election Canon Ngusa will be consecrated Bishop and made Bishop of Shinyanga in a service to be led by the Most Reverend Donald Mtetemela, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, on Sunday, 20th November, 2005 in St Stephen’s Church, Shinyanga.