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Retired Archbishop of Anglican Church of Kenya Authors A Book
By Elizabeth Gichovi, CAPA Communications
CAPA 050316-4
March 16, 2005

[CAPA - Kenya] Retired Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya Dr. David Mukuba Gitari has authored a book entitled “Responsible Church Leadership”.

The book is dedicated to all the CAPA Primates and all Leaders of the Churches of Africa. The author emphasizes that leadership is at its best when the master is ready and willing to serve rather than to be served. This model of leadership is derived from Jesus Christ, who preferred to serve the followers who with deep respect and appreciation called him ‘Master’ and ‘Rabbi’.

The book is recommended for trainee pastors, serving clergy and also for lay leaders at all levels of the Church hierarchy, irrespective of denomination. It can easily be the basis for discussion on responsible church leadership within and between congregations.

Orders should be addressed to keswick@swiftkenya.com of info@acton.co.ke; www.acton.co.ke