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Christians foil armed robbery with a song
by Mitch Odero
CAPA 040525-6
May 25, 2004

[CAPA - Kenya] Christians singing a spiritual tune at a high-pitched crescendo helped foil a robbery at Lake Elementaita Lodge in Kenya.

This was after a dramatic chase of a family of four by armed gangsters on Naivasha-Nakuru road.

The family who were travelling to Kisii from Nairobi spotted the four man-gang on their hot pursuit and turned off the highway into the lodge situated by the highway, 32 kilometres before Nakuru.

Unaware of the unfolding drama, the Christians who were staff of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) continued with their singing in a celebration marking the end of their three day seminar, facilitated by Rev. Dr. John Gatu former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and one time AACC President.

The robbers followed the family into the lodge’s compound then to their surprise, realised there was a crowd singing and accordingly developed cold feet and turned away. No one was hurt in the incident.

One of the AACC staff members who was by the Lodge’s gate waiting for public transport bus to travel up to his upcountry home was hijacked by the robbers and abandoned in Nakuru.

The lodge – a tourist resort - was not expected to have a large number of guests at the current low tourist season in Kenya.

The stretch of the road from Naivasha (90 kilometres west of Nairobi) to Nakuru has lately been notorious for highway robberies.

Staff of AACC later said a prayer for the robbers to change their ways and to Kenya for the increasing trend of insecurity and for Africa to realise an era of peace.