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Man kills grandson “to end his AIDS agony”
by Justus Waimiri
CAPA 040217-4
February 17, 2004

[CAPA - Kenya] As if to epitomise cruelty or ignorance, a man butchered his seven-year-old grandson because he suspected the boy was HIV positive and did not want the burden of caring for him.

So he slit the throat of the crying boy and went on to declare that he had put him out of misery.

The incident happened in Nyeri about 200 kilometres east of Nairobi, Kenya. According to police, the boy’s mother died of complications associated with AIDS and her son was left in the care of his grandparents, a common feature in Kenya today.

The boy’s recurrent bouts of sickness appear to have pushed the 53-year-old grandfather to the wall and he decided to end the boy’s life last week.

The killer said the boy was going to die, anyway, and that what he did was an act of kindness to end further suffering.

HIV/AIDS related stigma, isolation, and misunderstanding has continued to thrive in Africa inspite of efforts to minimise it. It is not uncommon for HIV positive people themselves to take their own lives oblivious that they can live positively for many years.