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Congregation members gather in Anaborano Ifasy.
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Communion celebrated in the parish.
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Newly confirmed young people.
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Bishop Roger blessing the young.
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New Churches Dedicated in Anaborano Ifasy
December 3, 2006

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] Three new churches have been dedicated in the Anaborano Ifasy region.

The newly-commissioned incumbent, the Rev Arsene Euloge, was ordained only last year but he has already been very active in organising parish work.

Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza recently confirmed 157 young people and adults in a five-hour service in the parish. Major festivities followed.

The new St Jacob church in Ankoby is finished except for the door and windows. The inauguration took place recently, preceded by a festive celebration of a village wedding.

The church in Ambakaraka is in a predominently Moslem area and will also be doing active mission in the region.

A generator has been given to the parish of Anaborano Ifasy. It will not only serve the parish, but will also be a source of income, offering electricity to the isolated rain forest village.

A new school will be started in Anaborano Ifasy next year.