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Tsiatakalo Frederic with Anjara Aymar Langaroka
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Tsiatakalo Frederic
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Interns at the boys’ hostel
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News From the Boys Kilasimandry in Antsiranana, Diego Suarez
by Bishop Roger Chung
July 3, 2006

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] Tsiatakalo Frederic is 11 years old. He is with Anjara Aymar Langaroka, a scout master in the top picture at left.

Frederic comes from the village of Anaboran Ifasy Ambakaraka in the rain forest of North Madagascar. The nearest town to his village is Ambilobe which is 50 km away. Frederic has now been to the Antsiranana Boys’ Kilasimandry for 2 years. When his mum died in 2001 during her painful 4th pregnancy, life became very hard for him in his village.

Frederic suffers from a physical ailment and walks with great difficulty. He could not go school in his home area as he would have had to walk for one hour in his lame condition. His aunt, Mrs Moanamary, who is a deaconess at St Matthew's Cathedral referred him to the Bishop to stay in the boys’ hostel in Antsiranana Diocese.

Since he has been supported by the Antsiranana Kilasimandry Boys’ Hostel he now goes to school in class CP3. He is now a much happier lad than he was when he arrived. He now walks only five minutes to his school, the Annexe Lycee Zafy Albert. He can now write his name and loves to study history, Malagasy and maths.

He is extremely thankful to all those who help fund the Hostel where he is now looked after for his education and accommodation. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. God willing we shall see him attain that objective.