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Sabah team in song in the Cathedral.
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Misson team prays with congregants.
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The Rev. Yakub Ng Theen Soon and Colonel Alfred.
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Sabah Team Conducts Mission In Madagascar
by Bishop Roger Chung Po Chuen
December 4, 2005

South-to-South Co-operation Breaks New Ground

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] A short-term mission team from the Diocese of Sabah in Malaysia visited the Diocese of Antsiranana from November 15th to 25th.

The seven-member team comprising four ladies and three men, led by the Rev. Yakub Ng Theen Soon and Mrs Tricia Liew, were very effective in their ministry. The team was divided into two groups.

One, led by Mrs Liew, ministered in Antsiranana town and had a special training session for Sunday school teachers. This was very well appreciated by the Cathedral of St Matthew as new resources and vitality were imparted to the pedagogues. Special healing services were held in the suburban churches.

The other team followed Bishop Roger Chung Po Chuen in the Rain Forest as they travelled to Sambava where all the evangelists and clergy of the Eastern part of the Diocese met for a training session led by the Rev Yakub Ng Theen Soon.

He used the theme of the "Call of Jonah to minister to the people of Nineveh" and taught on the difficulties of mission and evangelism and the power of God acting through love and obedience. The team also ministered at the various churches, where the Bishop presided at confirmation services. Three new churches were planted in the coastal villages during this trip in Belambo-Lokohy, Fanambarana and Andrafekona.

The South-to-South mission partnership is encountering new horizons as more and more Anglicans in the South receive the call for engaging in World Mission and Evangelism.