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Roger Chung and Lovejoy Tirivepi
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Bishop Chung with Dr M Fontao and...
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... with delegates from Papua New Guinea and Kenya, and
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... from Egypt, the Phillipines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Bishop Chung damaged his foot, hence the wheelchair
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Bishop Attends Haggai Institute Seminar
August 30, 2005

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] Bishop Roger Chung was invited to attend a Haggai Institute Seminar in Maui in August 2005. The vision of Dr John Haggai, to train leaders of the third world for internal mission, is indeed a well-supported vision.

Last year Bishop J P Solo of Toamasina Diocese attended the seminar and this year Bishop Roger Chung was representing Madagascar among 28 other third world nations including Brazil, Indonesia, Kazachstan and Nepal .

Dr Aldo Fontao of Argentina, the Vice-Director of the Maui Haggai-Institute training centre,was helped by Mr Lovejoy Tirivepi, an evangelist from South Africa, in steering the seminar. The African countries represented were Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Gabon, Togo, Guinea, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Egypt and Madagascar.

The seminar was of professional standard with Faculty members also coming from third world countries. The major concern of the seminar was to gear Church leaders in exponential Christianity in obedience to the words of the founder “the last command of Jesus Christ's Great Commission is our first concern.”