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The inauguration of the New Cathedral of ST MATTHEW in Antsiranana Diocese was the superlative achievement of Bishop Roger CHUNG PO CHUEN who unfortunately inherited the blackmail heritage but vanquished it thus manifesting the ineffable love , wisdom and compassion of God's perfect ideal for his people ..emulating wounded -bruised Joseph the dreamer ..and seeing the impossible become possible.
August 1, 2010

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] Gen 46:26 The total number of the direct descendants of Jacob who went to Egypt was sixty-six, not including his sons' wives.
Gen 46:27 Two sons were born to Joseph in Egypt, bringing to seventy the total number of Jacob's family who went there.
Gen 46:28 Jacob sent Judah ahead to ask Joseph to meet them in Goshen. When they arrived,
Gen 46:29 Joseph got in his chariot and went to Goshen to meet his father. When they met, Joseph threw his arms around his father's neck and cried for a long time.
Gen 46:30 Jacob said to Joseph, "I am ready to die, now that I have seen you and know that you are still alive."
Gen 46:31 Then Joseph said to his brothers and the rest of his father's family, "I must go and tell the king that my brothers and all my father's family, who were living in Canaan, have come to me.
Gen 46:32 I will tell him that you are shepherds and take care of livestock and that you have brought your flocks and herds and everything else that belongs to you.
Gen 46:33 When the king calls for you and asks what your occupation is,
Gen 46:34 be sure to tell him that you have taken care of livestock all your lives, just as your ancestors did. In this way he will let you live in the region of Goshen." Joseph said this because Egyptians will have nothing to do with shepherds.