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The Parish of St John in Reduit in the peaceful suburb celebrates its 160 anniversary with Archbishop Ian and an enormous tent was erected to welcome all the guests including SIR ANEROOD JUGNATH the President of Mauritius.
July 18, 2010

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] 
Eze 18:10 "Then suppose this man has a son who robs and kills, who does any of these things
Eze 18:11 that the father never did. He eats sacrifices offered at forbidden shrines and seduces other men's wives.
Eze 18:12 He cheats the poor, he robs, he keeps what a borrower gives him as security. He goes to pagan shrines, worships disgusting idols,
Eze 18:13 and lends money for profit. Will he live? No, he will not. He has done all these disgusting things, and so he will die. He will be to blame for his own death.
Eze 18:14 "Now suppose this second man has a son. He sees all the sins his father practiced, but does not follow his example.
Eze 18:15 He doesn't worship the idols of the Israelites or eat the sacrifices offered at forbidden shrines. He doesn't seduce another man's wife
Eze 18:16 or oppress anyone or rob anyone. He returns what a borrower gives him as security. He feeds the hungry and gives clothing to the naked.
Eze 18:17 He refuses to do evil and doesn't lend money for profit. He keeps my laws and obeys my commands. He will not die because of his father's sins, but he will certainly live.
Eze 18:18 His father, on the other hand, cheated and robbed and always did evil to everyone. And so he died because of the sins he himself had committed.
Eze 18:19 "But you ask, 'Why shouldn't the son suffer because of his father's sins?' The answer is that the son did what was right and good. He kept my laws and followed them carefully, and so he will certainly live.
Eze 18:20 It is the one who sins who will die. A son is not to suffer because of his father's sins, nor a father because of the sins of his son. Good people will be rewarded for doing good, and evil people will suffer for the evil they do.