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Christian and Ah Chin Chan Chu and family meet Gilles and Cindy Athaw and Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza and Alice around a fellowship meal in the exotic setting of the Dolce Vita at Domaine des Pailles.
July 17, 2010

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] Jos 6:10 But Joshua had ordered the people not to shout, not to say a word until he gave the order.
Jos 6:11 So he had this group of men take the LORD's Covenant Box around the city one time. Then they came back to camp and spent the night there.
Jos 6:12 Joshua got up early the next morning, and for the second time the priests and soldiers marched around the city in the same order as the day before: first, the advance guard; next, the seven priests blowing the seven trumpets; then, the priests carrying the LORD's Covenant Box; and finally, the rear guard. All this time the trumpets were sounding.
Jos 6:13 (SEE 6:12)
Jos 6:14 On this second day they again marched around the city one time and then returned to camp. They did this for six days.
Jos 6:15 On the seventh day they got up at daybreak and marched seven times around the city in the same way---this was the only day that they marched around it seven times.
Jos 6:16 The seventh time around, when the priests were about to sound the trumpets, Joshua ordered the people to shout, and he said, "The LORD has given you the city!