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FFKM and the business Director President of Madagascar
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The Church leaders of the mainline Churches in Madagascar led by the Roman Catholic Archbishop Odon Razanakolona fail to reconcile the protagonists rival political camps and resulting in catastrophic possibilities for the Malagasy population.
February 26, 2009

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] 

Madagascan ousted Antananarivo Mayor Andry Rajoelina said here on Wednesday 25th Feb 2009 evening that he would suspend talks with president Marc Ravalomanana.
During a press conference called at his home, Rajoelina said that he would not go to the fifth round of negotiations with President Ravalomanana, scheduled to be held on Thursday 26th at a private in the east suburbs of the capital city.
He said that he still respects the agreement reached between the two sides at their first meeting on Saturday on the suspension of anti-government activities and the provocation by his media.
The opposition leader, however, accused President Ravalomanana of violating the agreement.
He said he would no longer take part in the negotiations with President Ravalomanana because he failed to show up at the meeting on Wednesday.
Rajoelina's announcement came after the Madagascan Christian Council of Churches the FFKM led by Mgr Odon Razanakolona , the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Antananarivo, said earlier in the day that it had given up its mediation efforts over the current political crisis between President Ravalomanana and his rival Rajoelina.
Council President Odon Razanakolona announced in the capital city at a press conference that the United Nations representative to Madagascar would continue the mediation efforts instead of the churches.
In a short statement, the Christian council leader called on the armed forces to intervene to protect the people and their properties.
The current political crisis, the worst in years in Madagascar, began in December 2008 when President Marc Ravalomanana ordered to close down the radio and television station VIVA owned by Andry Rajoelina.
Since then, more than 130 of people have been killed and many others wounded in riots and together with looting and burning down of businesses especially those belonging to the President.