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healing prayer
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Marc confirmation by Bishop Roger
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confirmation of Nicole by Bishop Pierre
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The President of the Anglican Communion Francophone Network ,Mgr Pierre Whalon joins together with Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza of the Province of the Indian Ocean to inaugurate the rebirth of the Episcopal mission in Reunion island with the first ever Anglican confirmation service and the commissioning the Rev E V Rakotoarivelo .
February 22, 2009

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Aumonerie of Butor in St Denis was offered to the new emerging Episcopal Church of Reunion for the first Anglican confirmation to be held in Reunion. Thanks to the rich and generous experience in ecumenical relationships of Antoine Aubourg of the Chemin Neuf Movement in the Roman Catholic Church, such an event in this chaplaincy service was made accessible. The Rev Emile -Victor Rakotoarivelo took great care to plan this service, inviting his ecumenical prayer and Bible study groups to join us . Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza welcomed the congregation bysinging the Malagasy song ' Mankanesa aty Amiko ianareo rehetra..' 'Come to me ..says Jesus..'
Bishop Pierre Whalon presided over the service and expressed his privilege to catalyse the setting up officially of this new church planting project in the Anglican Communion in the Province of the Indian Ocean on this French overseas territory. Marc and Nicole Rakotoarivelo the son and daughter of the resident priest , were confirmed by the Two Bishops.
In his sermon Bishop Roger Jaomalaza stressed on the need to stay united in our vision for mission and used the Genesis 12 text on the call of Abraham for his teaching.
Prof Hery Ratsimanirimanana arrived delayed to this special service, as the cliffs on the coastal road were being purged due to frequent falling of debris causing major accidents on these roads leading to the South.
The delighted congregation rejoiced at this event and has recovered a new zeal and encouragement from the support of Bishop Pierre Whalon from the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and Bishop Roger 's pastoral ministry. Pray for a successful venture and God's grace on this initiative in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean Province.