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Malagasy coloured ribbon cutting inauguration by Bishop Roger
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HELLVILLE witnesses the inauguration of the renovated St Joseph Anglican Church in Nosy Be touristic malagasy island
December 2, 2008

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] Nosy Be touristic island in North West Madagascar, in the Diocese of Antisranana has a renovated St Joseph Church. The Church was formerly built partly with brick and falafy 'leaves'. The Church committee with Mrs Paricia Karimo ,the Diocesan President of the Mother's Union and the Rev Felix Maharavo as the driving force worked on the renovation of the Church .Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza received donations for the mission work and was able to purchase the cement etc as required .The previous mayor of Nosy Be was also able to find a generous help to provide the tiles for the flooring of the Church. One of the newly ordained deacons who is a builder- mason provided the expertise in completing the masonery work. Fabrics donated by Mr Gabriel Kamudu of Craft Aid Mauritius was used to ornament the Church for the inauguration and ordination occassion.
6 priests and 8 deacons were ordained during that service.

The first ever 3 women priests ordained in Madagascar are: 1.Marie Jeanne Befeno 2.Vitasolo Roline 3. Nivondrazana
and the three other priests are: 4. Bory RU Ambiko 5. Jaovita vonjimihafy 6. Ndramora Michel.

The 3 women deacons are : 1.Raharimbololona Albertine 2. Zara Zabibo 3. Moanamary and the others are
4. Ratsimbazafy Jocelyn 5. Ntoe Gilbert 6.Mananjara Gonzalez Rene 7.Veno Paul Zara. 8.Zaramisy Rodger

The congregation started the day by a celebration of songs of praise procession beginning in Hellville market square and through the town center to the Church one Kilometre away. Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza then proceeded to the inauguration of the new St Joseph Church .Then followed the ordination service which was well attended by parishioners from Diego Suarez, Ambondronmifehy, Ambilobe, Anaboran Ifasy, Ambanja ,Bermaneviky, Antalaha and other distant villages all around. All the people had to travel on boat for 2 hrs to reach Hellville port in Nosy Be. The Scouts and youth of the Diocese ordered the good flow of the crowd and congregation during the event. Two fatted calves were slaughtered for this feasting . A special lunch was organised and held in the vast Church hall of the Roman Catholic St Peter and St Paul Church . Father Joachim gave us a warm welcome and shared our lunch. A parishioner baked three cakes decorated with a new Church and Bible shaped cream.
God is good all the time!!!
Please pray that help will be received in the Diocese of Antsiranana as other regions seek to engage in a renewed mission and evangelism to the greater glory of God.
Luke 10.