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Mary Tindall Kilasimandry in Daraina celebrates first baptism in the Bishop K Benzies Memorial Chapel on Sunday 25th 2008.
May 29, 2008

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Mary Tindall Girls Kilasimandry Hostel in Daraina witnessed its first baptism in the Bishop Keith Benzies Memorial Chapel on the night of Sunday 25th May 2008. The daughter of the Chaplain the Revd Octave Sola and his wife Odile who is also the housekeeper , baptised their 3rd child called ZAFIMAHADIMBY RADY FANIRY. Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza arrived for the baptism in Daraina on the Sunday night after a confirmation service in Sambava in the morning.
After the baptism there was a feasting as the girls of the Mary Tindall Girls Kilasimandry Hostel sang hymns and local songs and danced joyously with the usual Malagasy fervour. Soft drinks and sweets were shared to all the girls with great rejoicing.
All the girls of the Hostel also received a Tee Shirt gift which was specially printed for the inauguration of the New Cathedral of St Matthew in Antsiranana.
One of the interns, Olivia Miandrisoa who is 14 yrs old , is doing her first year at the Kilasimandry. She is doing her first year secondary school in Daraina as in her village called Antanamivony, there is no secondary school. She says that she is very happy in Daraina and the Chaplain Rev Octave points out that she is always among the most brillant pupils in her class and often coming out first .Her parents are unfortunately divorced and she is cared for by her mother who was herself a former kilasimandry intern in the past. She loves to sing and to study and hopes to be a midwife when she grows up.