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Antsiranana boys hostel of Mgr K Benzies Kilasimandry renovated
May 16, 2008

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Mgr Keith Benzies Kilasimandry boys hostel in Antsiranana has seen some renovation last year in 2007 . The rooms have been repainted and the toilets which were not in good condition have been repaired so that the toilet facilities are now efficient. The number of interns is 19 and they are all greatly encouraged to study harder as the basic facilities have been improved. The rainy season is now coming to an end and so going to school is less hassle. The banana trees in the premises which were planted 3 years ago by the boys with Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza encouragement , are now bearing plenty of bananas to the community.

The boys in the picture in yellow shirt is Mika Arsene . He has been attending the Kilasimandry for 2 years already .He is 20 yrs old and doing his last year of secondary School . He is from the village of Anaborano Ifasy in the rain forest where no facilities are available for the upper classes of secondary education. So he is now being cared for by the Boys youth Hostel .His parents are farmers in the village planting rice and some coffee. He would like to be a carpenter and doing wood business in the future. Unfortunately Madagascar is also well known for massive erosion due to unrestrained exploitation of the forest reserves. But this will be a challenge for him to aim at the good management of the natural riches of Madagascar.

The boy playing the guitar is Ernest Philemon. He comes from the parish of Daraina in the district of Vohemar. He is 21 years old and still doing his Premiere as he is late on the school program. Daraina is situated in the middle of the Diocese where there is no access during the rainy season. The parents of Ernest are farmers producing rice and vanilla. So he is now continuing his secondary schooling with the facilities of the Boys hostel in Antsiranana. He is learning to play the guitar at school and wants to help the running of youth activities in the future. He has 6 brothers and no sisters.He hopes to be a doctor one day.

The Diocese has a new youth Chaplain the Rev Vonjy Jaovita . He has just finished his theological studies at the St Paul's Theological College in Ambatoharanana in Antananarivo. He will be pastoring the boys at the Kilasimandry and also attached to the Cathedral of St Matthew.Thanks to all our donators for the continuation and for a sustained hostel ministry.