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Palm Sunday and confirmation in the Parish of Sirama
March 18, 2008

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Palm Sunday 2008 in the Parish of Sirama was celebrated with great joy. As Jesus entered Jerusalem , mounted on the colt and the crowd spreading leaves and their garments on the road to acclaim Jesus, the tone was set for the young and older congregation to remember the event before the Holy Week. As the election for the town Council members was taking place on that day, the Church was not allowed to process in the streets but we had a procession on the Church precints..
52 people were confirmed in a packed Church which was like an oven . But people were rejoicing as the families travelled from far and came to see their family members being confirmed.The newly commissioned Venerable Julien Ravelomanana helped by his wife the Rev Nivondrazana achieved a very successful ministry in this rather isolated parish.

One couple was to be touched by the ministry of Rev Nivodrazana as their child was going to Sunday School run by the Parish. They were evangelised by Nivo and both husband and wife, Rafanomezana Georges and his wife Tombozara Christine, received confirmation on Palm Sunday. They even hosted the Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza since the Sugar Factory has been bought by a Chinese Company and they have requisitioned all the houses of the Sugar estate. Sadly for the Parish , their parish priest will be leaving Sirama to be the rector of the large Ambilobe Parish as from Easter day 2008. So many intense moments were being experienced during that Sunday.