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Bishop Pierre Whalon, Marie and Bp Roger
Photo No. : P080213-1

Black Madonna Cathedrale Americaine Paris
Photo No. : P080213-6

Mrs Melinda and Bishop Roger
Photo No. : P080213-14

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Mgr Pierre Whalon welcomes Mgr Roger Chung , la Francophonie Anglicane and the American Cathedral in Paris.
February 13, 2008

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Francophonie of the Anglican Communion has been set in motion again by Bishop Pierre Whalon as the Lambeth gathering draws near. Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza who is visiting Paris on his way back to Madagascar, has been networking with The Rt Rev Pierre Whalon Bishop of the Convocation of the American Churches of the Episcopal Church in Europe , on Mission project on the Island of Reunion in the Province of the Indian Ocean . It is also planned that a Francophone Anglican meeting will take place prior to the Lambeth Conference 2008. Canon Bernard Vignot who had health problems last year has miraculously recovered and is helping to organise the Francophone meeting.

The American Cathedral in Paris was consecrated on the 25 Nov 1886. The triptych over the high altar is the joint work of Arthur E Street and Edwin Abbey, American pre Raphaelite painters.The center panel represents the crucifixion, the left wing the Nativity and the right the the Resurrection with Christ appearing to Mary in the garden.

The Icon of the Black MADONNA is a replica of the BLACK MADONNA OF CZESTOCHOWA. This icon is placed on the left walls of the Cathedral. This replica was donated by Colonel Leon Slawinski who was active in the resistance during world War II. The Black Madonna is often considered the Patron of Poland.