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Kilasimandry girls preparing for the inauguration of the memorial chapel
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The elders of Daraina village gather in front of their new chapel
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A group of commmunity members with Bishop Roger inside the chapel
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The bishop presents a gift symbolising the donation of 8000 bricks for the new Daraina church building
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Memorial Chapel Inaugurated at the Daraina Girls' Kilasimandry
By Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza
October 9, 2007

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The girls' Kilasimandry hostel in Daraina now has a new place of worship: a memorial chapel to the late Bishop K Benzies, who planted a fertile ministry in this very remote region of the north Madagascar. The Kilasimandry has been supported and sustained by USPG, the Mary Tindall Trust Fund, CNEC Partners International and other generous donators in contact with the Diocese of Antsiranana.

This chapel was inaugurated on 17 Sept 2007 for use by the community in the Kilasimandry and by the surrounding villagers. The Chaplain, Revd Octave Sola, and his wife Odile, who is the housekeeper, organised the inauguration service and a special dinner for the occasion - a great treat for the girls in the hostel. The guests and all the girls of the Kilasimandry wore a green headband of rejoicing which is one of the preferred colours of the flag of Madagascar.

The prayers rose to God Almighty - known as Andriamanitra Tsitoha in Madagascar - with a grateful voice and remembering especially the late Bishop Benzies. During the service, the Kilasimandry girls sang and danced as the story was retold of the father who requested Jesus his child - and she was healed. The elders of the village also joined in the joyous celebration of the inauguration.

The inauguration of the Chapel has given great impetus to development in the parish of Daraina. The parish has already decided on its next project: to renew the dilapidated church situated in the middle of the shanty housing. To get this project off to a good start, Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza presented the Daraina Church Council with a donation of eight thousand clay bricks. The Chaplain hopes to complete the new Daraina village church in two years.

Please pray that this Church in the rain forest will be able to be completed soon with all the help that will come in.