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The flooded village of Bemaneviky.
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The village church after the flooding.
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The village school.
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Cyclone Pounds Diocese
By Bishop Roger Chung
April 18, 2007

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] After touching land in Antalaha, Cyclone Indlala pounded through the north of Madagascar, causing major devastation.

In the village of Bemaneviky, site of a recently-renovated church and a new school, the cyclone caused disruption and damaged people's belongings.

The flood water reached the height of the baptismal font, covering it with mud. The altar, which had been prepared for a service, was also completely flooded. The pews had to be removed for cleaning and drying.

The Rev Canon Theophile Botomazava was shattered by the soiled church and mud-covered desks in the school classrooms.

There is a desperate need for help as a result of the devastation of families, local economies and the region's infrastructure. In the town of Diego Suarez Antsiranana, the electricity supply has been reduced to only a few hours every day.

Pray that we will receive help to support the people of God in this poor country, classed among the 10 poorest of the world.