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Replanting rice in flooded fields.
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Sirama confirmation candidates.
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The children of Sirama.
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Procession in the parish.
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Cyclone Indlala Devastates Parish But Confirmations Continue
By Bishop Roger Chung
April 6, 2007

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Parish of Sirama was badly flooded during the passage of the devastating cyclone, Indlala.

Official national figures for Madagascar are that 80 people died and 105,000 rendered homeless by the cyclone, yet the diocese kept to its confirmation program.

On April 1, 25 people were confirmed, the youngest being 12 and the oldest a man of 80. The man was blind as a result of the lack of accessible medical facilities.

The Rev Julien Ravelomanana has done good pastoral work in the old sugar cane factory area, which has dire problems due to the closure of the local sugar plant last year. The cyclone flooded many cultivated lands, leaving people in a catastrophic situation.

Palm Sunday was a reviving celebration in such a lamentable situation. Donations of rice were offered to the parish by generous organisations which are helping to alleviate poverty.

Our Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem with shouts of Hosanna, and the people rejoiced with the King riding the donkey!