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Bishop Roger Chung (centre) at the Theological College Ambatoharanana
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Prof. G. Jones and Bishops of Madagascar in Ambatoharanana College Library
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Visit of Prof. Gareth Jones of Canterbury University to Madagascar Theological College in Ambatoharanana
By Bishop Roger Chung
February 21, 2007

[Diocese of Antsiranana - Indian Ocean] The Prof. Gareth Jones of the Canterbury Christchurch University visited Madagascar to explore new ventures in the life of the Theological College in Ambatoharanana. The Theological college of St Paul will be celebrating its 130 years of active theological teaching in 2008.

Bishop Roger Chung Jaomalaza who is the Chair of the Theological College Board of Madagascar, convened a meeting on Friday 16th Feb 2007 at St Paul's Theological College with all the Bishops of Madagascar, i.e. Antananarivo, Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga and Antsiranana and the staff of the college, for a special meeting focussed on the future of the Theological education in Madagascar. An action plan will be set up to clarify and identify the stages of the processes of the new theological education venture.

Prof. Gareth Jones who is the Chair of Christian Theology and head of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies in Canterbury Christchurch University has a rich experience in African theological ventures, especially in Zambia. All the Bishops were greatly encouraged by the proposals of Prof. Gareth Jones who envisioned the objectives of the collaboration which would include:
1. Accreditation
2. Curriculum development
3. Building capacity and the training of trainers.
4. Diffusing information of the partnership through a website
5. And offering to God this project in this new paradigm of world Mission of the Anglican Communion.

An International conference is to be set in 2009 on the theme of the Anglican Communion understanding of the new paradigms of Theology and Mission in this part of the world.
Bishop Remi Rabenirina has offered the use of the sparkling new Diocesan center in Iavoambony as venue for this conference.

The Rector of the College Canon Jaomandiny expressed with elation the joy of THIS JOINT VENTURE and is complementary to the government of Madagascar Action Plan (MAP), which is also now taking Madagascar to new levels of great hope and development throughout the society. It has been a long time dream says Bishop Remi for such a venture to take place and the Kairos time has arrived.

The Bishops have agreed to make this a prayer commitment for the Episcopal Church in all the five dioceses of Madagascar and to be supported by the whole Anglican Church.
Prof. G Jones will also be visiting the Diocese of Antsiranana and exploring missionary, theological and training ventures so as to empower the clergy and laity for a renewed faith and vision in our obedience to Jesus Christ for accomplishing the Great Commission.