Theological Education - TEAC - Reports from ACC and Primates Meetings

The following statements /reports have been made about the work of TEAC by or to official bodies of the Anglican Communion:

May 2003 TEAC was established by this resolution which formed part of the communique issued at the Primates meeting  in Gramado, Brazil.

February 2005 The Primates’ Meeting in Dromantine, Northern Ireland referred to the ongoing work of TEAC.

June 2005 TEAC made a presentation  to ACC 13, which met in Nottingham, England. The complete text of TEAC’s presentation is found in Living Communion, the official report of ACC 13. Via this website you can access a slightly abridged version  of the contribution to TEAC’s  presentation made by Archbishop Rowan Williams.

March 2006 TEAC made a substantial report to the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates’ and ACC, when it met in London.

February 2007 The communique of the Primates Meeting in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, mentioned the continuing work of TEAC.