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Publicity for the work of TEAC.

The following communiqués, reports and articles about, or substantially referring to, the work of TEAC have been issued either on ACNS, in Anglican Episcopal World, or in other media. They are listed in chronological order:

12-Mar-2004 - ACNS report : Anglican Way/TEAC distributes questionnaire
Announcement of the questionnaire distributed throughout the Communion by the Anglican Way group of TEAC.

Eastertide 2004 – Anglican Episcopal World: Working towards the future
On p.8-9 of the PDF file articles by both TEAC and CUAC on the plans for teir work in theological education

30-Jul-2004 - ACNS report: Theology? What can that do for me?
The communique issued at the end of TEAC’s first full residential meeting, held in Bristol England asks why theological education is important in a world in which there seem to be so many other pressing concerns.

Trinitytide 2004 – Anglican Episcopal World: Singing with the Understanding
In preparation for TEAC’s Bristol meeting Robert Paterson interviewed Archbishop Rowan Williams, discovering pointers that are important for the work of TEAC

26-Nov-2004 – ACNS report: Anglican key texts available on web site
The  booklist of key texts on Anglicanism, which has been put together by members of TEAC was announced.

11-Apr-2005 –ACNS report:  Further theological education resources
Various theological education resources were added to the TEAC website.

21 Jun 2005 – ENS report: The Archbishop of Canterbury underscores the global importance of theological education.
This is the report written by Neva Rae Fox which appeared on ENS about the presentation by TEAC to ACC 13 in Nottingham England. It drew particular attention to the links between a commitment to mission and the importance of theological education.

06-Sep-2005 – ACNS report:  Principles for Theological Education
TEAC publicised the Principles of Theological Education which had been agreed at a meeting of its Steering Group and Convenors held at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, England.

December 2005 - Archbishop Rowan Williams reflects on the establishment of TEAC
Archbishop Rowan Williams reflects on the establishment of TEAC and the particular needs of the Anglican Communion in the area of theological education. This article is only viewable in full on a subscription basis.

16-Jan-2006 - ACNS report: TEAC meeting convenes in South Africa
This is the first of three reports on TEAC’s full meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa in January 2006.

20-Jan-2006 - ACNS report: AIDS projects show 'hope in despair'
The second report from TEAC’s South Africa meeting related to  the context in which theological education is undertaken in South Africa.

30-Jan-2006 - ACNS report: TEAC meeting ends with pledge to help renew theological education The final report from TEAC’s South Africa meeting referred to TEAC’s plans for the future.

February 2006 - The Reader: Cover and article on the work of TEAC
The work of TEAC was described for an article in The Reader (the national Church of England journal for [Lay] Readers) by Canon Robert Paterson. Pictures from TEAC’s South Africa meeting were used on the cover of the issue. The Article is found on p.25-26 of the PDF file.

20 March 2006 - ENS Report: Making a difference in Anglican Theological Education
TEAC’s Secretary Clare Amos speaks about the hopes for the work of TEAC stemming from the group’s recent meeting in South Africa.

21 March 2006 - ENS Report: Anglican women share perspectives on theological education
TEAC members Colleen O’Reilly, Sister Teresa White and Natalie Simons speak about theological education, drawing on their contexts of Australia, England and South Africa.

22 March 2006 - ENS Report: Interview with TEAC member Jenny Te Paa Jenny Te Paa speaks about her experience of theological education as dean of the seminary for Maori candidates in Aotearoa/New Zealand

23 March 2006 ENS Report: Interview with TEAC member Susanne Watson Epting
Susanne Watson Epting speaks about the importance of listening in the work of theological education

Eastertide 2006 Anglican Episcopal World: Resources from TEAC’s South Africa meeting On p.12-13 of this PDF file are the report on the meeting in South Africa; the final sermon preached there; a comment on three key questions that TEAC is asking.

Trinitytide 2006 Anglican Episcopal World: Theological Understanding and Anselm Revd Jeremy Worthern draws attention to the ‘Anselmic’ vision of theological education which draws together the academic and ecclesiastical dimensions. See p.20 in the PDF file.

23 Aug 2006 - ACNS report: Compass Rose Society grant supplies theological colleges with Anglican Way books
The activation of TEAC’s book grant project, to supply books on Anglican Studies to theological education institutions, was announced.

November 2006 - ANITEPAM Journal: Anglican theological education. What next?
TEAC’s Secretary writes about the work of TEAC ad invites contributions and responses.

New Year 2007 - Anglican Episcopal World: Book grants and translations
An account of  TEAC’s projects to supply books on the Anglican Way list to theological institutions around the world, and to translate into various key languages a core text for Anglican Studies is described. See p. 39

25 May 2007 -  ACNS report: Theological Education meeting in Singapore: Signposts on the Anglican Way
The report on the TEAC meeting  in Singapore which reflected on The Anglican Way which included the text of the ‘Signposts’ document.

25-May-2007 – ACNS report: Regional Associates to develop theological education work in the Anglican Communion
The announcement of the appointent of three Regional Associates to collaborate with the Director of Theological Studies in taking forward the work of TEAC.

July 2007 –Church Times The priority of theological education
T.W.Bartel writes in the Church Times about the importance of developing theological education in the light of current developments in the Anglican Communion

Trinity 2007 - Anglican Episcopal World: A Staging Post on the journey
TEAC’s Secretary writes about the document ‘The Anglican Way: Signposts on a Common Journey’  resonating its insights with the biblical story of the transfiguration of Christ. The text falls at the end of one PDF file and the beginning of the next.
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