Theological Education & Studies - TEAC

This area of the website is an initiative of TEAC (Theological Education for the Anglican Communion) a Working Party of the Anglican Primates.

TEAC was established at the meeting of the Anglican Primates in Gramado, Brazil in May 2003 and regularly reports to the Primates’ meetings. The Archbishop of Canterbury is closely associated with the work of TEAC, and has stressed the importance of its task. Click here.

TEAC is the successor to an earlier group set up by the Primates to work in the area of theological education..

TEAC has a Steering Group and five Target Groups (sub-groups). The Target Groups each focus on a particular area of ministry.

The Target Groups have worked both by email and via two residential meetings.

A timeline explaining the development of the work of TEAC is offered   here.

Each Target Group developed a brief for its work which was agreed at a meeting in November 2003.. For the names of members of the Steering Group and Target Groups (click here). The Chair of TEAC is Bishop Greg Venables and the Vice-Chair is Canon Robert Paterson.

On the Documents page you can view the complete collection of documents produced by TEAC.

TEAC’s work has been structured around three questions which it has sought to answer:

  • Why?
  • What?
  • How?



Why is theological education important?

Responses to this question are offered by the statement of the Primates establishing the work of TEAC and by the documents giving the overall Aim and the Rationale for its work that the group has itself produced.

In 2004 TEAC sent out a questionnaire on the ‘Anglican Way’ to Provinces and theological education institutions. The report on the findings of the questionnaire sets out some reasons why developing  theological education in ‘the Anglican Way’ is important.


What is the framework within which theological education needs to be developed, and what are the ideal outcomes of theological education?

Archbishop Rowan Williams gave a lecture in November 2004 ‘What is theological education’.

TEAC itself has produced a document called Principles for Theological Education.

A major piece of work it has undertaken is the production of a series of grids, each linked to a specific form of ministry or discipleship, giving the ideal outcomes at various stages of the educational process.


How can we meet the needs and facilitate more effective theological education around the Anglican Communion?

The ongoing work of TEAC is a response to this question – both in terms of the material it has and is producing itself and by its commitment (e.g. this website) to highlight other available resources. TEAC also administers a scheme funded by the Compass Rose Society to provide key books for Anglican Studies to theological colleges in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

TEAC Prayer

Christ our Teacher,
you alone are the way, the truth and the life:
so lead the Theological Education group in its work,
building trust and understanding,
that, in sharing our stories, vision and resources,
all your people may grow in faith
and your whole Church built up in love,
in the power of the Holy Spirit
and to the glory of the Father.
Colleen O'Reilly

Christ notre Maître,
toi seul es le chemin, la vérité et la vie:
veuille conduire le travail du groupe ‘Formation Théologique’ et de ce Conseil,
approfondissant entre nous la confiance et la comprehension,
afin que, en partageant nos histoires,
notre vision et nos ressources,
tout ton peuple croisse dans la foi
et que ton Eglise tout entière s'édifie dans l'amour;
dans la puissance de l'Esprit Saint
et a la gloire du Père.
Colleen O'Reilly

Cristo maestro nuestro,
tú sólo eres el camino, la verdad y la vida:
rogamos que de tal manera guies al grupo de Educación Teológica y a este
consejo en nuestro trabajo: fomentándo confianza y comprensión mútua, que
compartiendo nuestras historias,
visión y recursos,
todo tu pueblo pueda
crecer en fe y tu Iglesia sea fortalecida en el amor; en el poder del
Espíritu Santo y para gloria del Padre.
Colleen O'Reilly

Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo,
Wewe ndiwe Mwalimu wetu,
Njia yetu,
Ukweli wetu
Na Uhai wetu.
Uongoze kikundi cha Elimu ya Kitheolojia.
Ukijenge juu ya msingi wa hekima  na  uaminifu.
Usaidie tushirikiane pamoja habari zetu, mafunuo yetu na uwezo wetu
Ili watu wako wote waaminifu waongezwe katika imani,
na kanisa lako lote lijengwe imara katika upendo.
Tunaomba mambo hayo yote katika nguvu ya Roho Mtakatifu,
Kwa utukufu wa Mungu Baba.
Colleen O'Reilly

Contacts and resource people

The Director of Theological Studies for the Anglican Communion, Clare Amos, acts as the Secretary to TEAC. She can be contacted here

In March 2007 three TEAC Regional Associates were appointed to help develop the work of TEAC in their own regions.

They are:

Rt Revd Michael Fape based in Nigeria
Revd Joo Yup Lee, based in Korea
Revd Sally Sue Harnandez-Garcia based in Mexico

Please feel free to contact them for more information.