Theological Education - TEAC - Questionnaire

In order to enhance, strengthen and develop the teaching of Anglicanism in Anglican and ecumenical theological colleges across the Anglican Communion, the Anglican Way Group of the TEAC working party has developed the following questionnaire.

The questionnaire is for Anglican Primates, Bishops and personnel related to Theological Colleges, Courses and Institutions.

We ask you to answer the questionnaire bearing in mind the Anglican Way Group Brief. The Brief explains the purpose and mandate of the Anglican Way Group and sketches in a very compressed way some elements and themes of Anglicanism the Group considered important and which may or may not be being taught across the Communion.

The purpose of your answering the questionnaire is to help the Communion develop and distribute resources and programmes that will strengthen the particularly Anglican component of theological education across the Communion.

As far as possible, we would ask you to respond in your official capacity on behalf of your church, institution or network.

To submit the questionnaire please send it as an email attachment to:

Or send it by regular post to:
Clare Amos
Anglican Communion Office
St Andrews House
16 Tavistock Crescent
London W11 1AP UK

 Download the Questionnaire