Theological Education - TEAC - Documents

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The following documents have been produced by TEAC or on its behalf.

They are listed in chronological order.

November 2003

Document setting out the overall Aim of TEAC and the Briefs allocated to each of the Target Groups. The document also includes a prayer for the work of TEAC.  The document was subsequently  revised in July 2004. The prayer is also available in French, Spanish and Swahili.

January 2004

Questionnaire sent out on behalf of the Anglican Way Target Group to Provinces and theological education institutions.

July 2004

Booklist of books on the Anglican Way which ‘ideally ought’ to be in libraries of theological institutions training people for ordained Anglican ministry. (Subsequently revised to take account of recently published material)

November 2004

List of books on Anglicanism which may be particularly helpful for lay Christians.

February 2005

Report on the findings of the questionnaire on the ‘Anglican Way’.

A Rationale for the work of TEAC

July 2005

A short document setting out the Principles of Theological Education

January 2006

‘Outcomes based grids’ relating to theological education for each of the following groups:

Grids were also produced at the same time illustrating the ideal content and process for training in Anglican Studies.

For an explanation of the educational philosophy behind the grids and guidance as to how to use them. see here.
(The grids have been slightly revised subsequent to January 2006)

December 2006

A timeline for the work of TEAC and the story of TEAC up till the end of 2006.

May 2007

The Anglican Way: Signposts on a Common Journey’
A brief statement about the essentials of the Anglican Way which need to be offered in theological education.This document is also available in French, Spanish and Swahili