Theological Education - TEAC - Book Grants

Due to the generosity of members of the Compass Rose Society, TEAC is being enabled  to supply the libraries of  theological institutions training people for ordained Anglican ministry with a set of key text books on ‘the Anglican Way’.

This book grant consists of about 30 books and comprises most of  the books referred to on the ‘Anglican Way book list’. (A few of the books given on that booklist are now out of print and therefore unable to be supplied.)

If you are interested in the library of your theological institution receiving these books please contact the Director of Theological Studies, Clare Amos  at

Please give the name, postal address and telephone number of the theological college/course/institution and the name, position and email of a contact person.

Please note that these book grants are specifically for libraries of theological institutions. Individuals are not eligible to apply for these books  for themselves..