Mission - MEGAN

A vision to live and share the mission of God

MEGAN - Mission & Evangelism Global Action Networking - emerged and born following the Provincial Mission & Evangelism Co-ordinators’ conference in Nairobi in 2002 and the Mission Organisation Conference in Cyprus in 2003.

The following were the essential catalysts in the founding of MEGAN:

  • The need to strengthen further Mission and Evangelism in the Anglican Communion worldwide
  • The need to encourag the emerging mission movements, especially in the global South
  • The need to draw on a wider range of resources available in the Communion and beyond
  • The Cyprus and Nairobi conferences and the Inter Anglican Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME) meetings created a climate for this initiative

What is MEGAN?

  • MEGAN – a word from Greek, Gaelic and Welsh
  • It means "strong, able, BUT soft and gentle
  • It also means "a pearl", which is a metaphor for the coming of God’s rule (Matt 13: 45)
  • Invites us to be focused and set clear priorities
  • A challenge to be discerning, to value what is good and to be prized in our different Anglican traditions.
  • A metaphor encouraging us to aim for something beautiful

Theological Basis

  • We are co-workers and co-heirs, building God’s Kingdom
  • We acknowledge in our life and witness that God is at work, in a divine plan to unite creation and all humanity (Eph 1:10)
  • We celebrate God’s presence in the experience of the whole communion of the Body of Christ – the Ephesian Moment (Eph 3:3-6)
  • We celebrate and cherish the diverse contexts as be believe that God gives us a variety of gifts to equip us for his own mission in the world, for building up the Body of Christ and to mature us in faith and knowledge (Eph 4: 11-13)
  • We believe that Proclamation, presence and loving service, all express the gift God gives as he sends us out in mission
  • The vision for unity in mission enables broken pieces to be knitted together, "that they may be one" (John 17: 20)


  • Open to all delegates of the Cyprus and Nairobi Conferences
  • All members of the Mission Commission of the ACO
  • Open to all Provincial Mission & Evangelism Coordinators in the Anglican Communion
  • Open to other church leaders and mission activists
  • Open to our ecumenical partners, on request or invitation


  • Thinking through mission issues
  • Networking with people directly involved (practitioners & teachers) in mission and evangelism in the Anglican Communion
  • Share articles, strategies, case studies, stories and resources of mission & evangelism
  • Issue a mission bulletin - MEGAN
  • Motivate, stimulate, encourage mission and evangelism in the Anglican Communion and with Ecumenical Partners
  • Contribute towards ministerial formation, especially in mission & evangelism
  • Facilitate an interchange of people and other resources within the Communion
  • Share information on and participate in organising mission events
  • Explore funding opportunities for specific mission and evangelism initiatives within the Anglican Communion


MEGAN’s governance structure is in the process of being put together.

For the past few years the Revd Leslie Nathaniel has been the lead person for MEGAN, with the support from the Director for Mission and Evangelism at the Anglican Communion

For now, the Director for Mission & Evangelism and the Revd Leslie Nathaniel will serve as lead persons.

Relationship with the ACC

It is hoped that in future MEGAN will become an official network of the ACC. Once that happens MEGAN will be making annual reports to ACC Joint Standing Committee on its activities, programmes and governance. For now MEGAN relates to ACO through the Director for Mission & Evangelism.