Mission - Edinburgh 2010

Archbishop of York"Edinburgh 2010 is a watershed moment for the Good News of God in Christ. It is the first time in almost 100 years that the Christian family has met together like this. The sheer variety of denominations and nationalities from all over the globe attending is itself a cause for celebration. Jesus Christ prayed that his followers might be one as He and the father are one-making Christ visible together as they worship and bear witness to Him. That hasn't always happened, but this moment proves that it can.

"This ecumenical moment reminds us that no part of the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has a monopoly on fulfilling Christ's mission to the world. In fact, to have any credibility as the Body of Christ, the world has to see Christians from all traditions having a common purpose."

Edinburgh 2010

The first World Missionary Conference held in Scotland 100 years ago brought together diverse Christian denominations and mission agencies to define and plan world mission. Attendees aimed for "The evangelisation of the world in this generation."

Members of several Western Protestant denominations and mission agencies, most from North America and Northern Europe, met in Edinburgh in June 1910. Notable absences were the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Pentecostals and most Evangelical churches and organisations, as well as Christians from Africa, and Latin America; while Asia was very minimally represented. Women and young people were also largely missing from the conference.

A century on, and this time the conference will see a much broader representation of denominations, , sexes and ages from more than 60 countries. The aim is to learn, share and discuss what it means to witness to Christ together today. The whole Edinburgh 2010 package has included, over the past three years, a study process looking into the challenges of the Christian mission today, a writing contest and youth media contest, and a Centenary Conference taking place from 2 to 6 June in Edinburgh.

The Anglican Communion has been involved throughout what is a key moment for global Christianity, and as part of the Anglican Communion Office's programme to develop young Anglican/Episcopal leaders, six of the nine delegates attending the Centenary Conference will be young leaders.

After the conference-where the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu will address the closing ceremony-the delegates will travel to London. Here they will stay at the Anglican Communion Office, will visit mission initiatives in the Church of England, and meet Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams at Lambeth Palace.

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The delegates:

Vicentia Kgabe

Ordained priest in the Anglican Church serving Rector of a Parish and Archdeacon in the Diocese of Johannesburg; currently registered for PHD Programme in Practical Theology majoring in Trauma Counselling with Pretoria University. And hopefully teach practical theology in a seminary/ university. , board member of the College of Transfiguration (Anglican Church of Southern Africa seminary) and Board Member, Yukon Centre for Christian Spirituality, Johannesburg.

Caitlin Reilley Beck

A Canadian, Caitlin is enrolled at the Institute of Sacred Music and Yale Divinity School where she is pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion in the field of Liturgical Studies. Caitlin has liturgical interests which specifically centre on congregational song, world music and the music of the Eastern Churches. Besides her musical involvement in the Church, Beck has been a leader in youth ministry in both suburban and urban parishes in the Ottawa area.

Kapya John Kaoma

Born in Zambia and ordained in the Anglican Diocese of Central Zambia, John had opportunities to study in Zambia, England and the United States of America, and just completed his PhD. in Environmental Ethics at Boston University. Kapya is currently a Priest In Charge of the Parish of Christ Church/Iglesia de Cristo, Hyde Park, MA and Project Director at Political Research Associates in Massachusetts.

Kwok Keung Chan

Kwok is an ordained priest in Hong Kong and serves as a Diocesan Youth Officer. Previous, Kwok has served as a parish priest, Diocesan Post- Secondary Ministry Officer, School teacher, Chaplain to the Diocesan E- Mission, and has twice been a Group leader of the mission trips to Guangdong Province, China.

Luiz Coelho

Luiz is a postulant for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and is pursuing a BTh degree from the Egmont Machado Krischke Theological Seminary, one of the two Brazilian Anglican seminaries. Luiz is also enrolled in a parallel degree in Fine Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta Campus), USA. Luiz Coelho is also a provisional member (pending ordination for permanent induction) of the Society of Catholic Priests. Luiz also served was a steward at the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

Irene Akinyi Ayallo

Irene is a priest and social worker in the Anglican Diocese of Bondo in Kenya. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in New Zealand, on the role of the Anglican Church in Kenya in promoting and facilitating critical public dialogue and public policy in Kenya. Irene's ministry and academic interests are in the areas of interpreting the bible for social transformation and holistic empowerment of people from all walks of life, and a critical articulation of the Church's authentic public relevance. Irene is also a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians. In 2008, Irene was a rapporteur at the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

The Rt Revd Mark McDonald

Bishop MacDonald has had a long and varied ministry, holding positions in Mississauga, Ont., Duluth, MN; Tomah, WI and Mauston, WI; Portland, OR; and the Southeast Regional mission of the diocese of Navajoland. Immediately prior to his ordination as a bishop, Mark MacDonald was Canon Missioner for Training in the Diocese of MN and vicar of St. Antipas' Church, Redby, and St. John-in-the-Wilderness Church, Red Lake, Red Lake Nation. After serving about 10 years as Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Diocese of Alaska and bishop of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland for three years he became the Anglican Church of Canada's first National Indigenous Bishop.

Janice Price

Janice Price is World Mission Policy Adviser for the Church of England. Her role is to co-ordinate and facilitate the work of Partnership for World Mission which brings together the Anglican Mission Agencies, Diocesan Companion Links and others in the Church of England involved in world mission. Previously she was Executive Secretary of the Global Mission Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. From 2000-2005 she was Director of Development and Training in the Diocese of Worcester. She is a Reader and has served in urban, suburban and rural parishes and is also an Honorary Lay Canon of Worcester Cathedral.

John K. Kafwanka

John is an ordained priest in the Anglican Church in Zambia, with parish ministry experience in Zambia and Australia, and he currently holds permission to officiate in London Diocese. John was the Principal of the national theological college in Zambia, and also worked for Church Missionary Society as Regional Manager for Southern Africa. John now works as Director for Mission in the Anglican Communion office, London. John is a member of Edinburgh 2010 General Council (representing the Anglican Communion), and also a Trustee of Northrise University (Zambia).