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The Anglican Communion Office can take no responsibility for the appropriateness of the content of these resources, but the following have been recommended by Anglicans who are involved in evangelism and church growth

Evangelism Resources

Acts begins with Jesus saying that his disciples would be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  Two thousand years later we can see parallels between: Jerusalem, where most people had a similar worldview to the disciples and the early modernity context;  Judea and Samaria, where people had some culture and beliefs in common with the disciples, and the late modernity context; the ends of the earth, where there was little or nothing on common with the culture and beliefs of the disciples and the post-moderncontext.  On this basis we offer a wide range of resources that have been collated under these three headings as well as general evangelism.  Currently, there are 44 ‘Jerusalem’  resources, 33 ‘Judea and Samaria’ resources, 34 ‘ends of the earth’ resources and 37 ‘general’ resources in these pdf files. 

Please send in your resources to  stuart.buchanan@anglicancommunion.org so that we can update these resources at regular intervals and alow others to learn from your knowledge and experience.


Papers presented at ECGI core group meeting February 2011

At its the February 2011 meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the ECGI core group started each day by considering the evangelism and church growth of the early church as recorded by Luke in the Acts of the Apostles, parallels were then drawn with the different contexts that the members were working in and the members built their work on this foundation.  The four reflections that were shared and discussed were appreciated by all those present and are offered here as resources for wider consideration.




Books on Evangelism and Church Growth


The Logic of Evangelism  (Abraham, W -  1989 - Eerdmans Publishing)

Available from Amazon

Also electronically available on Google Books here

This book is one of the classics on the Biblical understanding of evangelism which then goes on to apply Biblical principles to contemporary contexts.

Discipling Nations: The power of truth to transform cultures ( Miller, D.L - 2001 - YWAM Publishing)

Available from Amazon

Moving away from a focus on individual evangelism this book focuses on the power of the gospel to transform communities and whole nations through discipleship.

Evangelism for 'Normal' People: Good News for Those Looking for a Fresh Approach (Bowen, John P - 2002 - Augsburg)

Available on Amazon also on DVD

A practical guide, with stories for reticent Christians who do not share their faith because of bad examples or unattainable expectations of evangelism.

The mission of evangelism (Kwashi, B.A - Pastoral Publications Commission)

Available from Diocese of Jos, Bishopscourt, P O Box 6283, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

The Missional Leader (Alan Roxburgh & Fred Romanuk - Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series)

Available on Amazon

A discussion which takes seriously the confusion of a church in post-modernity. It is not so much a ‘how to’ book as a companion through the paradigm of change.

Mission shaped Church

Can be downloaded from the Cofe

2004 the General Synod commended the report “Mission-shaped church” to the whole of the Church of England. Building on the five marks of mission, this report speaks of five values for a missionary church and engages with the cultural challenges currently facing the Church today.

Hit the ground kneeling (Stephen Cottrell - Church House Publishing)

Available from Church House Publishing

Stephen Cottrell playfully suggests some models of leadership that can help you. A timely antidote to the glut of self-help, quick-fix management books.

World Christian Encyclopaedia 2001 (Edited by David Barrett - Oxford University Press)

Available from Amazon

Exhaustive data entries for all countries worldwide

Operation World (2010 Edition - Ed. Jason Mandrayk)

Can be pre-ordered from Amazon

Daily prayer for every country worldwide (to be published later in 2010)

Atlas of Global Christianity 2010

Can be ordered through Amazon, Columbia University Press or Edinburgh University Press - http://www.atlasofglobalchristianity.org/

An exhaustive global mapping of Christianity today.

From Seed to Fruit: Global Trends, Fruitful Practices, and Emerging Issues Among Muslims 2008 (Edited by . J. Dudley Woodberry - William Carey Library - ISBN 9780878080007)

State of the art reports on Muslim evangelism today


Kingdom without Borders (Miriam Adeney - 2009 - InterVarsity Press)

Available from Amazon

Global stories of God’s work today; easy to read.

Light to the Nations: God’s Covenant with Unreached Peoples (Tad de Bordenave)

Devotional based on Book of Common Prayer lectionary readings focussed on unreached people groups.  Available from www.afm-us.org

Church Planting Movements (David Garrison - 2004- WIGTake Resources, Bangalore, India)

Available here

Indigenous people movements to Christ reported worldwide

Global Mission Handbook (S. Hoke and Bill Taylor - 2009 - InterVarsity Press

Available here

Encyclopaedic guide to cross-cultural service

The Mission Driven Parish (Patrick Brennan)

Available from Amazon

The author is a RC priest who works in Chicago and has just moved from Holy Family Parish after 14 years there. He is the Director for Church Growth in the USA. His ideas are first tested in his parish setting before being taught elsewhere. He had 1500 people meeting weekly in Small Christian Communities / Home Cells! Enough said. The fact that he is RC is helpful to many of our “Anglo-catholic” parishes. There are other helpful books by the same author.

Natural Church Development (Christian Schwarz)

Available from Amazon

This is the most extensive ecumenical research project known on the primary elements that assist churches in growing. It is widely used, accepted and is very practical.

Other Resources

A meditation of thanks for over twenty centuries of mission - Robert Maclean, Australian Board of Mission � A prayerful reflection, focusing on the death and resurrection of Jesus, that takes the reader gratefully through the key events of the history of the global spread of the gospel.