Mission - Companion Links

Agreement for the establishment of a Companion Link between the Diocese of Monmouth and the Diocese of the Highveld.

Our purpose is to journey together as brothers and sisters in Christ on a common pilgrimage of faith and discipleship.

Therefore we will develop a Companion Link Relationship of equal partners between our Dioceses which is:

  • sustainable
  • practical
  • effective
  • mutually supportive
  • mutually enriching

Our aim is

  • to strengthen Mission and Evangelism in the Church Communities of both Diocese
  • to increase awareness between us of our solidarity in the cause of Christ
  • to respect and learn of and from each other's cultural heritage
  • to enable the world to recognise more clearly God's Mission

The agreement is

  • to embrace a Companion Link Relationship for an initial period of five years
  • to set up support structures in each Diocese to foster ways of expressing the relationship at Diocesan and Parochial levels
  • to encourage an interchange of people and skills
  • to review and evaluate our relationship towards the end of the period of five years.

Signed this nineteenth day of November in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Three in the Cathedral Church of St Woolos, Newport.

Bishop of Monmouth      Bishop of The Highveld