Mission - Companion Links

Diocese of Katakwa - The Anglican Church of Kenya

Companion Diocesan Links have been a means of developing relationships and mutual partnership in mission throughout the dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Communion for many years. The Diocese of Katakwa - The Anglican Church of Kenya is seeking a new link and has given information on the diocese below. If your diocese is interested in forming a link with them please respond directly to the Bishop.

To understand more of Anglican Diocesan Links please go to Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships

Province: Anglican Church of Kenya
Diocese: The Diocese of Katakwa
Bishop: The Rt Revd Eliiud I Okring
Address: Diocese of Katakwa
P O Box 68
Telephone: +254 055 54079

Brief history of Diocese:

The Diocese of Katakwa was carved out of the Diocese of Nambale in 1991. The first Bishop was consecrated and enthroned on 19th May 1991. The Diocese has grown from 22 parishes to 44 parishes since then. We have 52 Clergy and 4 are serving as chaplains in institutions outside the Diocese while 2 are on Study leave. The Diocese has about 98,000 Christians.

Any previous or existing Links:

There are no previous Diocesan links.

Reason for wanting a Link:

To have a partnership with whom to exchange leadership resources and mutual training of leadership
To exchange personnel with for the purpose of sharing experiences and challenges in the ministry

What expectations you have of the Link?

To experience how others are articulating issues pertaining to church leadership and have an enabled personnel through training exchange.

What part of the world you would like your Link to be?


Describe the style and patterns of church life and ministry in your diocese.

So far we have not had a partner. But we pray to have regular PIM process with anyone who would partner with us.

Would you like your Link diocese to reflect or contrast with the pattern described above?

As indicated above.


Signature of Bishop: Signed   Date: 23 August 2004