Mission - Companion Links

Diocese of Antsiranana - The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean

Companion Diocesan Links have been a means of developing relationships and mutual partnership in mission throughout the dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Communion for many years. The Diocese of Antsiranana - The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean is seeking a new link and has given information on the diocese below. If your diocese is interested in forming a link with them please respond directly to the Bishop.

To understand more of Anglican Diocesan Links please go to Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships

Province: Province of the Indian Ocean
Diocese: Diocese of Antsiranana
Bishop: The Rt. Revd Roger Chung Pochuen
Address: Eveche Anglican, Bp 278, 4 Rue Grandidier, Diego Suarez, Antsiranana, 201, Madagascar.
Telephone: 00 261 8222650
Email: Mgrchungpo@blueline.mg

Brief history of Diocese:

The Province started in 1973 as a Missionary Diocese. The Diocese has 20 priests and 25 parishes with 125 congregations. Half the Diocese has no electricity as the country is among the poorest in the world.

Any previous or existing Links:

We have a link with Canterbury Diocese.

Reason for wanting a Link:

To enhance the Mission and Evangelisation work of build up new understanding of mission in the post colonial countries and the post Modern Systems.

What expectations you have of the Link?

Sharing and empowering and enriching mutually our prayer support social action and interdependence of gifts and resources in God’s world.

What part of the world you would like your Link to be?

Japan, or S.E. Asia, or the USA.

Describe the style and patterns of church life and ministry in your diocese.

The prayer book translation in Malagasy is the normal. However new songs are slowly being introduced and liturgy is being made more attractive and inculturated. The lingering poverty of the land is very hard but there can also be times of great Mission endeavour.

Would you like your Link diocese to reflect or contrast with the pattern described above?


Signature of Bishop: Signed  Date: 18 November 2004