Mission - Commissions - MISAG II

Towards Dynamic Mission: Renewing the Church in Mission

Synopsis of the Final Report of MISAG II

In January of this year (1992) the Primates and ACC meeting in Cape Town recommended the Report of the Mission Issues and Strategy Advisory Group II (MISAG II) `Towards Dynamic Mission' to the Churches of the Anglican Communion for implementation and study by our Theological Institutions.  The report has been distributed to the Primates Colleges and Mission Agencies and encouraging requests are being made for further copies for study and guidance in mission, not only from individuals but in larger numbers by the Mission Agencies and dioceses.  The report is translated into Spanish and Portuguese and the French and Swahili translations are in process.


This synopsis outlines the contents of the report and highlights key recommendations for consideration and appropriate action by ACC-9.

Part One: A Theological Reflection: The Church's role in Missio Dei today.

The report opens with a Theological Reflection a statement on the Missio Dei and the Church's role in that Mission today.  This reflection on Missio Dei thus provides a context for the other sections of the report.

Part Two: Specific proposals for Mission Strategies: The Church's role in Missio Dei today

The Partners-in-Mission Process has been a significant feature of the Communion's life in encouraging shared mission.  This section is very important and practical.  It answers the questions which are often asked on the PIM process or consultation: how do we organise a PIM Consultation?, whom should we invite and what is the agenda?  What is the role of external partners at a PIM Consultation?  What is the rationale of the PIM process?  What is the North - South or South - South or North - North relationship in the PIM process?  In answering these questions for the communities within the Communion the Report gives guidelines for effective fulfilment of the Church's Mission in today's world.

Mission Agencies

This section makes a number of recommendations such as, co-operation and working relationships between voluntary and synodical/national bodies, and the need for increased sharing of information.

Exchange and Encounter 

This section highlights the importance of personnel exchange for bringing awareness and new life to the Church.  It suggests two major initiatives for Christians from the `South' to those in the `North'  and encourages South - South exchange as of equal importance in relation to the PIM process.

Theological Edudation and Mission  

This section makes a number of important suggestions on ways of developing a mission perspective in all aspects of theological education.  This is making mission the basis and focus of ministerial formation whether full-time or part-time.

Unreached Peoples

This section draws attention to the large numbers of peoples who have yet to hear the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ both in rural areas and our modern cities and highlights the need for accurate demo-graphic documentation.

Ecumenical Dimension

This section recommends that the varying responses to ecumenical sharing within the Communion be looked at.

Part Three: Mobilization

Here some specific areas of work undertaken by MISAG II and MAWG and its implications for the mission of the Church are considered at some length.  It includes proposals on which ACC-9 will need to take decisions.

The Anglican Encounter in the South Conference South - South
This section provides a brief history of the Conference scheduled for August 1993. and emphasises the need for the Churches of the North to support and encourage it, as its outcome could have far reaching implications for the Church world-wide.
A Movement for Mission Conference and Mid-point review of the Decade
This section recommends Movement for Mission Conference to be combined with a proposed Mid-point review of the Decade of Evangelism in 1996.  The ACC and Primates need to take an immediate decision on this and set up the machinery for its realisation.

Mission Commission
This section recommends a standing Commission on mission for the whole Communion which will provide a forum for Communion wide co-operation of mission through the ACC's Secretary for Mission and Evangelism.  This is an important proposal for the Communion and calls for the urgent action of ACC-9.
Other Tasks
Other tasks undertaken by MISAG II lists three specific areas of work relating to the Pacific Basin, the Decade of Evangelism and the value of encounter visits to local churches during conferences.
Mission Agencies Working Group (MAWG)
This section lists the tasks undertaken by MAWG including the preparation of a mission database for the Communion.  It is hoped that this database will be passed on to the proposed Mission Commission.  MAWG also prepared the guidelines listed in part four below, made proposals for the establishment of loan funds for the Communion.

Part Four: Exchange Guidelines:

  1. Partnership Visits
  2. Companion Relationships
  3. Development Programmes
  4. Personnel