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Resolutions from ACC-12


The following resolution was suggested to ACC-12 and passed by them. 

ACC-12 Resolved.

  • to receive with thanks the Interim Report ‘Travelling Together in God’s Mission’ from the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME)
  • to give thanks for the successful Nairobi Consultation for Provincial Mission and Evangelism Co-ordinators ‘Encounters on the Road’;
  • to receive the report of that Consultation;
  • to encourage dissemination of its report and to support plans for a follow-up conference, funded outside of the budget of the ACC;
  • to look forward to and pray for the Mission Organisations Conference planned for February 2003
  • to take note of action taken on matters remitted to the Commission
  • to note that comments on the Primates Strategic Working Party on Theological Education have been sent direct to that working party
  • to encourage the Commission to develop its mandate, reflection and work  particularly in the areas of
  • Leadership Training and Formation for Mission
  • Islam and Islamisation
  • Developing Anglicanism: A Communion in Mission
  • The Journey to Wholeness and Fullness of Life
  • Justice Making and Peace Building
  • Evangelism
  • to circulate the interim report to provinces, other Commissions and networks and more widely for comment and discussion.

ACC 13 Resolutions (Nottingham, England, June 2005)

Resolution 26: Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism

The Anglican Consultative Council:

  1. receives the report from the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME) entitled “Communion in Mission”
  2. expresses its appreciation to IASCOME and thanks its members for their work and dedication
  3. adopts as the mandate for the next IASCOME the text set out in their Report
  4. encourages IASCOME in its work over its next term.

Resolution 27: The Covenant for Communion in Mission

The Anglican Consultative Council:

  1. commends the Covenant for Communion in Mission to the churches of the Anglican Communion for study and applicationas a vision for Anglican faithfulness to the mission of God
  2. forwards the Covenant for Communion in Mission to those bodies of the Anglican Communion tasked to consider an Anglican Covenant as commended by the Windsor Report and the Statement of the February 2005 Primates’ Meeting
  3. requests the next Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism to monitor responses to the Covenant for Communion in Mission and evaluate its effectivenessacross the Communion.

Resolution 28: Resolution on recommendations from IASCOME

The Anglican Consultative Council:

  1. receives the Guidelines for Evangelism Co-ordinators and recommends them to the Provinces for their use and guidance
  2. gives thanks for the Consultation of Provincial Co-ordinators of Mission and Evangelism held in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2002, and the Second Anglican Conference for Mission Organisations  held in Larnaca, Cyprus, in 2003, and asks IASCOME to give consideration to holding further consultations of this kind in the future
  3. asks IASCOME to address the question of the colonial and post-colonial past and present of Anglican mission in its future work, and advise on how Anglicans may be helped to explore such issues in mission relationships
  4. receives the recommendations of IASCOME for a Mission Consultation for Network representatives, and asks the Standing Committee to explore how best to take forward this suggestion
  5. encourages IASCOME and TEAC to discern together ways in which their work may be integrated and mutually supported

Resolution 13: The Anglican Gathering

The Anglican Consultative Council:

  1. remains enthusiastic about the concept of holding an Anglican Gathering
  2. thanks the Design Group for the proposed Anglican Gathering in 2008, and all others involved, for their work for the proposed gathering in association with the Lambeth Conference
  3. acknowledge that they have followed the advice of the Joint Standing Committee in October 2004 and acted responsibly with their decision that plans for the Anglican Gathering should be cancelled
  4. offers sincere thanks to the Archbishop of Cape Town and the South African team for all their work in preparation for the Gathering, and are sorry that it was not possible to proceed
  5. asks the Standing Committee to consider the viability, concept and funding for a future Anglican Gathering.