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IASCOME - Travelling Together in God’s Mission

Our Mandate and Summary of Action so far

In this section we list our Mandate (in bold type) and provide a summary of action taken since the last ACC meeting.

  1. Reporting
    To report to and receive reports and tasks from the AnglicanConsultative Council.
    We table this interim report
    We received a report from the Primates Special Working Party on Theological Education established by the Primates, on which two of our members sit. Action arising from this is reported below (Section E).
  2. To oversee mission relationships.
    To facilitate companion diocese and other companionship links throughout the Communion, in accordance with the guidelines for such links.
    We affirmed the value of this programme and appointed our member from Canada to organise a more intentional promotion and facilitation of this programme, in support of the Lambeth 1998 resolution and in accordance with the guidelines for such links.
    To work with Anglican networks for mission and evangelism as they currently exist or might emerge in the future.
    See section below on ‘Tasks remitted to IASCOME’ (Section D).
    To facilitate the sharing of resources, both human and financial, throughout the Communion.
    Conferences that have either taken place or will do so enable connections to be made and complement resource lists published and on the world-wide web.
    To link, share and critique experiences of capacity-building for mission and evangelism.
    The main contribution has been made through Conferences.

  3. Reflection
    To engage in theological reflection on mission. 
    See the sections below on Justice-Making and Peace-Building, Wholeness and Fullness of Life, Islamisation, Money and Power (Section F).
    To be a forum where the provinces and the voluntary and synodical agencies of the Communion share and reflect.
    IASCOME meetings themselves are such forums.  In addition we have convened one conference for Provincial Mission & Evangelism Co-ordinators, with a conference for Mission Organisations to be held in February 2003.  One other conference is under consideration.
    B4  Priority of Mission & Evangelism
  4. Priority of Mission & Evangelism
    To continue the momentum of the Decade of Evangelism.
    We have convened a conference for Provincial Co-ordinators of Mission & Evangelism (see Appendix VI). We intend to reflect further on the nature of evangelism and its place within the mission of the church.
  5. New Structures
    To encourage the emergence of new and appropriate structures for mission and evangelism.
    We have encouraged the GEM proposal, and received reports from NAME (Sections D2 and D3).  IASCOME has also been in correspondence with the International Fellowship of Parish Based Missiologists and a Consultation of Anglican Contextual Theologians.
    To liaise with the South-to-South Movement.
    We have discussed a report from our member from Singapore.
  6. Ecumenical Expression
    To encourage, monitor and learn from ecumenical expressions of mission.
    Our Canadian member sits on the Commission for World Mission & Evangelism of the WCC, and reports on and circulates the documents from that body.  Our Indian member brings perspectives from the united Church of North India (CNI). The WCC staff person for Evangelism, Carlos Ham, was a theme speaker at our Nairobi Conference (see below).  Our members from Ghana and Sudan are employed by ecumenical councils of churches in their own countries.  Other members of IASCOME are involved in a myriad of ecumenical conversations and memberships in their own countries.