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It is a great pleasure and privilege for IASCOME to present to ACC-12 our interim report.

This interim report comes to you as a result of our recent IASCOME meeting in St. Andrew’s, Scotland where we were warmly welcomed by the host Province of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Travelling together in God’s mission is only possible if all those who are travelling together share a common vision. As you read through this interim report, you will soon recognise our approach to mission and evangelism in its multi-faceted global challenges and opportunities. Our goal in this report is to share with ACC some medium and long term tasks for the Communion as it seeks to responds to issues which challenge the very nature of the gospel and its liberating message. It is our hope as a Commission that this report and the recommendations therein will stimulate discussions and suggestions which will assist the Commission in its respective studies for further work, not only to be proactive but relevant in its approach to mission and evangelism. The Commission requests prayers from the Communion to help it to carry out its mandate faithfully.

The Commission would like to wish ACC-12 a successful meeting in Hong Kong.

+Sebastian Manicaland


IASCOME Members in Scotland IASCOME Members in Scotland

The Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME) is unique in that its 21 members are drawn on the nomination of provinces from all regions of the Communion, according to detailed criteria and provide a very wide range of experience of mission and evangelism as well as life within Church and Society.  There has been a depth of understanding and fellowship as well as, at times, frank but loving differences of opinion among the members that has proved greatly enriching and supportive – a microcosm of life in communion.

The following report summarises work undertaken at the two meetings held so far – in Johannesburg (South Africa) and St Andrews (Scotland).  In each place we have been warmly welcomed by our host provinces and given vital experience of the life and witness of the Churches through weekend and other visits.  We endorse the view of the previous Mission Commission that such on the ground experience is essential to the Commission’s work.

In our report we give account of how we have addressed our mandate and report on tasks remitted to us,

  • we report on three important Conferences to which we have contributed or organised,
  • we highlight our concern about the mission focus at the heart of theological education
  • we identify a number of areas of concern and continuing work,
  • we list in bold italics our interim recommendations for comment and endorsement by the ACC and resolutions.

In particular we would draw attention to the reflection that is developing on being a ‘Communion in Mission’ (Section F2) and our concern to see the thinking found in other documents of the Communion (e.g the Virginia Report) developed in a more earthed and mission direction.