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IASCOME - Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism


Although mission is carried on within each province, the underlying principle of the Communion that each church needs the wider church to assist, critique and provide stimulation, argues for some real but light international co-ordination of mission and evangelism across provinces and mission agencies.  The expanding diversity of mission connections within the Communion, the priority given to mission and evangelism by the Decade of Evangelism, and the 1988 and 1998 Lambeth Conferences, all pointed to the continuation of the Standing Commission on Mission for the Anglican Communion.  Its basic purpose is be to enable the sharing of information and reflection, and the facilitation of relationships across provinces and synodical and voluntary mission agencies.  Its membership includes representatives both of synodical and voluntary mission agencies, and of the wider church.

The Commission is appointed by and accountable to the Anglican Consultative Council or its Standing Committee.

Tasks and Functions:

  1. Report to the Anglican Consultative Council.
    • To report to and receive reports/tasks from ACC.
  2. Oversee Mission Relationships.
    • To facilitate Companion Diocese and other companionship links throughout the Communion, in accordance with the Guidelines for such links.
    • To work with Anglican networks for mission and evangelism as they currently exist or might emerge in the future.
    • To facilitate the sharing of resources, both human and financial, throughout the Communion.
    • To link, share and critique experiences of capacity-building for mission and evangelism.
  3. Reflection. 
    • To engage in theological reflection on mission.  This would include but not be limited to, reflections on Gospel and Culture, on the Missio Dei, on the Transformation of the Church, on the implications of the changing profile of the Anglican Communion, on the Good News in situations of poverty, displacement, war and conflict.
    • To be a forum where the Provinces and the Voluntary and Synodical Mission Agencies of the Communion share and reflect on their practices, experiences and learnings of mission and evangelism.
  4. Priority of Mission and Evangelism.
    • To continue the momentum of the Decade of Evangelism, in accordance with the learnings described elsewhere in this report.  This includes encouraging the Anglican Communion to see mission and evangelism as a Gospel imperative, not an optional activity.
  5. New Structures
    • To encourage the emergence of new and appropriate structures for mission and evangelism.
    • To liaise with the South-to-South Movement.
  6. Ecumenical Expressions
    • To encourage, monitor and learn from ecumenical expressions of mission.

Communion In Mission & Travelling Together in God's Mission

Communion in Mission Book Cover
Communion in Mission
Book Cover

This publication contains the report of the Inter Anglian Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism 2001-2005 to the 13th Meeting of the ACC in Nottingham, including the interim report to ACC-12, Travelling together in God's Mission

Communion in Mission is an important record of the mission developments in the Communion in the first half of the present decade.

'As we journey on we run the race that is before us looking to Jesus, the beginnig and the end of our faith'.


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The Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME), appointed by ACC-11 in Dundee, Scotland, had its first meeting in Johannesburg - May 2001 and second meeting in St Andrews Scotland - June 2002.  It’s Interim Report, ‘Travelling Together in God’s Mission’ was presented to ACC-12 in Hong Kong - September 2002


IASCOME has reported to the Joint Standing Committee of the ACC and the Primates, and to the ACC-12 in its Interim Report, Travelling Together in God’s Mission’ and its Final Report to ACC-13 ‘Communion in Mission’


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