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Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (II) and Anglican Communion Office Mission and Evangelism Desk

Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism II

IASCOME is thankful to the Anglican Consultative Council for its mandate and support during the five years of our term together.  We are convinced that the Anglican Communion must stay focused on mission and evangelism in these difficult times.  For it is in our common service to God’s mission of reconciliation that our unity with God and each other in Christ is more fully realised.  IASCOME thus recommends the following for the second Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME II).

  1. Mandate
    That the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME II) be appointed by and accountable to the Anglican Consultative Council or its Standing Committee.
  2. Tasks and Functions of IASCOME II
    1. Covenant for Communion in Mission
      • foster and co-ordinate study and application of the Covenant for Communion in Mission across the churches of the Anglican Communion;
      • monitor the responses and evaluate the effectiveness of the Covenant across the churches of the Anglican Communion;
      • co-operate with the bodies of the Anglican Communion tasked to continue consideration of covenants for the Anglican Communion.
    2. Relationships in Mission and Evangelism across the Anglican Communion
      • assess the feasibility of, and begin to plan for: a second consultation of provincial co-ordinators of mission and evangelism and a third conference of mission agencies and organisations in the next decade;
      • facilitate Companion Diocese and other companionship links throughout the Communion, in accordance with the Guidelines for such links;
      • address the question of the colonial and postcolonial past and present of Anglican mission, and consider how Anglicans might be helped to explore such issues in mission relationships.
    3. Mission in a Blessed but Broken and Hurting World
      • reflect on the missiological implications of the Anglican Communion’s commitments with respect to the various ways Anglicans effect healing and reconciliation in the world;
      • liaise with the various networks of the Anglican Communion as to the missiological significance and contributions of their portfolios;
      • co-ordinate a Mission Consultation for Network Representatives to better understand and co-ordinate pan-Anglican information and action in service to God’s mission.
    4. Mission and Theological Education
      • engage in theological reflection on mission with a goal to advancing commitments to mission and evangelism across the Anglican Communion;
      • co-operate with Theological Education for the Anglican Communion to promote mission and evangelism in its work
    5. Anglican Gathering
      • assist the proposed Anglican Gathering Financial Development Task Group in developing fundraising options for Anglican Gathering of 2013;
      • work with the staff and leadership of the Anglican Communion Office in planning for the 2013 Anglican Gathering to facilitate and advance its mission focus.
    6. Accountability to the ACC
      • receive tasks from the Anglican Consultative Council related to mission and evangelism in the Anglican Communion;
      • report to ACC-14 and 15 on the work of the Commission.
  3. Membership of the Commission:
    Membership of the Commission shall be appointed by the ACC Standing Committee with intention to include a mix of the following factors:
    • expertise in missiology
    • gender balance
    • clergy/lay balance
    • 7 members from Voluntary Mission Agencies and Synodical Mission Boards from both North and South with at least 3 from the South
    • knowledge of or involvement with Province/Region/Anglican Communion
    • continuity with IASCOME I of up to 6 continuing members
    • 18 members appointed from nominations submitted by the Provinces of the Communion with two members from each of the nine regions of the Anglican Communion: North America, the Caribbean and Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, East Africa and the Indian Ocean, West Africa and Nigeria, Southern and Central Africa, Middle East and the Sub-Continent, Australasia, East Asia.
    • members-at-large, these to be appointed to balance the factors listed above
    • Chairman to be appointed by the ACC, either from among the provincial members or as a member-at-large
    • rotating membership by province within a region to ensure variation in membership is desirable.
  4. Modus Operandi of the Commission:
    • The Commission shall meet 4 times during its 5-year term of office, with meetings lasting for approximately 10 days plus travel time.
    • Members are expected to undertake tasks between meetings.
    • It is recommended that the Chairman appoint an advisory group of 3 or 4 members who can function as a decision-making executive between meetings.

Mission and Evangelism Desk at the Anglican Communion Office
It is recommended that the Director of Mission and Evangelism at the Anglican Communion Office be maintained with the following leadership functions:

  • ensure that the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism II receives the staff support needed to accomplish its work
  • offer leadership and suggest new initiatives for the work of mission and evangelism in the Anglican Communion, as appropriate.
  • serve as the mission liaison/connector with the appropriate Anglican Communion networks
  • liaise with Provincial Mission Officers/Secretaries, Synodical Mission Boards and Voluntary Mission Agencies
  • ensure good communication and the sharing of information around the Communion regarding mission and evangelism experiences/stories/resources.
  • oversee the development of various kinds of companion links within the Anglican Communion.

ACC RESOLUTION - This Anglican Consultative Council:

  • Supports the mandate for the next Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME II)
  • Encourages the Standing Commission in its work over its next term