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The work of the Anglican-Lutheran Commission has completed for the time being, and the Anglican-Lutheran International Co-ordinating Committee has been tasked with monitoring shared mission by the two Communions. The Committee met in Helsinki in 2013, Hong Kong 2014.


Anglicans and Lutherans have been involved in close dialogue since their distinctive denominations emerged at the time of the Reformation. Modern theological dialogue began at the global level in 1972 and has sought to build on the success of regional co-operation evidenced by the Helsinki Report 1982 (Europe), the Meissen Common Statement 1988 (England and Germany), the Porvoo Common Statement 1992 (the British and Irish Anglican Churches and the Nordic and Baltic Lutheran Churches), the Reuilly Common Statement 1999 (the British and Irish Anglican Churches and the French Lutheran and Reformed churches), Called to Common Mission 1998 (USA), the Waterloo Declaration 2001 (Canada), Common Ground 2001(Australia), and the All Africa report 2001. The third phase of the Anglican - Lutheran International Commission began in 2006 and is considering ways to build on existing relationships with the aim of bringing all the churches of the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran World Federation into fuller communion.


To Love and Serve the Lord

To Love and Serve the Lord Book Cover
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Published by the Lutheran World Federation 2012 This Report from the third phase of the Anglican-Lutheran International Commission (ALIC III) explores the ministry or Diakonia or service that is an essential part of Christian identity and discipleship, and which is rooted in the apostolic commission that all receive in baptism. The Report considers how diakonia is an expression of the unity of the Church; how Anglicans and Lutherans have understood diakonia in the past; and how they might co-operate in this ministry more deeply in the future.

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Anglican Lutheran International Commission

Anglican Lutheran International Working Group

Growth in Communion

The Report Growth in Communion is the outcome of the Anglican-Lutheran International Working Group which met for the first time in February 2000, appointed by the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran World Federation, and concluded its work in May 2002. The background and mandate of the Working Group are described in the Introduction…More

Called to Full Communion (The Waterloo Declaration) - 1997

As approved by the National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. Waterloo, Ontario, 2001 …More

The Hanover Report - 1996

Lutherans and Anglicans, like Christians of many other traditions, have been engaged during recent decades in much debate about the nature of ministry - both the ministry of the whole people of God and that of specific ordained ministers. This debate was intensified by the publication in 1982 of the Lima document Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (BEM), which intentionally raised many fundamental issues of ecciesiology, ministry and ordination…More

Porvoo Common Statement

This is the name given to a report issued at the conclusion of theological conversations by official representatives of four Anglican Churches and eight Nordic and Baltic Churches in 1989-1992. The Porvoo Common Statement included the text of the Porvoo Declaration, which the participants commended for acceptance to their Churches…More

The Niagara Report - 1987

Two linked events took place at Niagara Falls in Autumn 1987 in the course of the international dialogue between Anglicans and Lutherans. The First was a major consultation on episcope (24th - 29th September), and this was immediately followed (30th September - 3rd October) by a meeting of the Anglican-Lutheran International Continuation Committee to produce this report…More

The Helsinki Report - 1982

The following Report is the outcome of three meetings of the Anglican-Lutheran European Regional Commission over the period 1980-82. This Commission was set up at the request of the Anglican Consultative Council and the Lutheran World Federation…More

The Pullach Report - 1972

In 1967, the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) appointed a Committee in order to begin formal conversations. The first series of theological dialogues resulted in the Pullach Report 1972, which surveyed the variety of issues affecting Anglican Lutheran relations…More