Continuing Indaba - Frequently asked Questions


What is Continuing Indaba?

Continuing Indaba – a journey of conversation to strengthen relationships for mission

What does Indaba mean?

It is a Zulu word for discernment by consensus common in many African cultures with parallels in many societies globally.

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Why continuing?

The Indaba journey began at Lambeth the Conference in 2008. This project continues that process by exploring ways of communicating across our differences within the Anglican Communion.

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What is a journey of conversation to strengthen relationships?

Good conversations strengthen and build relationships. As participants in Continuing Indaba journey together in conversations across difference for the sake of mission these relationships will be strengthened enabling active support and encouragement of each other. Each offering insight from their own context.

What does it have to do with mission?

For the Anglican Communion, God's mission is holistic, concerned for all human beings and the totality of a human person; body mind and spirit. Unfortunately sometimes we, as human beings, become focused on one or two issues that detract from this holistic vision. Conversations across our differences re-engages us with God’s holistic mission.

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Who is conversing?

Each Continuing Indaba conversation will involve three dioceses from different Provinces in the Anglican Communion. Convened by bishops, conversations will be between men and women – both lay and ordained – who are involved in local mission. Opportunity will be given to encounter each other’s Mission contexts.  Through facilitated conversations they will encourage and challenge one another in order to further mission in each place. This process is still being designed and will be shaped by the Resource Hubs and the Pilot Conversations.

Resources will be available to assist any diocese to participate

What is a hub?

Each conversation partner will be resourced by a Resource Hub which will ground each conversation in its cultural contexts and provide theological processes for conversation across difference.

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What is a pilot conversation?

During 2010 and 2011 we will be running and evaluation 5 pilot conversations - each one typically involving three dioceses - in order to form a replicable and affordable model open to all.

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Is this the same as the Listening Process?

The Listening Process was established to facilitate listening to gay and lesbian Christians in order to learn of their experience and to help us listen to one another and the insights we bring. Continuing Indaba is concerned with mutual listening.

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