Continuing Indaba - The Conversations

The Conversations

A question facing the Communion is how to move from mutual listening to common purpose. The use of Biblical models of confronting difference was suggested at ACC-3:

Christian partnership did not then mean that the partners, although united in their missionary goals, were always in accord on how they were to carry out his mission - witness the disagreement between Peter and Paul in Galatians 2.  Rather they were asked to face each other, and the roots of their disagreement and agreement, so openly that both could go forward in mutual love and respect into further creative activity.

Continuing Indaba Conversations bring together diverse dioceses in order to hear the agenda and issues of each conversation partner with equal status and as mission partners across diversity. Participants will be women and men, lay and ordained, who are actively participating in local mission. The participants will encounter each other’s mission context and engage in facilitated conversations across difference.

The participants will go back into their dioceses, their communities in general and into the wider world, able to share their experience of conversation across difference. This is the purpose of the Project— the participants are actually engaging in the issues of mission with one another, which leads on into action.  The sign of success for this Project will be renewed energy for local mission in the dioceses strengthened by partnerships that have engaged in conversation across difference towards the common purpose of mission.

Five Pilot Conversations 2009-11

During the first phase of the Project there will be five pilot conversations which will both provide flexible a model for conversations and act as an inspiration for others to engage in conversations. These will be rooted in Scripture understood in context, resourced by hubs in Africa, Asia, America and Europe which will offer resources for conversation across difference resulting in renewed energy for mission.

 Click here to read the criteria used to select the dioceses for the Pilot Conversations

More information on the Pilot Conversations will follow from September 2010.