The Listening Process

Guidelines for Submission - Practical

  1. Language

    Submissions may be made in any major language of the Anglican Communion.
    A synopsis of no more than 300 words is required.

  2. The Variety of Submissions
    Submissions may be academic articles, poems, video clips, audio recordings, statements, testimony, book reviews, liturgical materials, Bible studies, pictures or any other material which seems significant to the contributor.

    Submissions may focus on one section or may cover more than one section.
    For example: and article entitled “Marriage in the Tradition of the Church” would be aimed at Section 3. However, a submission such as “Marriage in the Tradition of the Church and in the culture of West Africa” would be very welcome and might equally fit in both Section 3 and Section 5.
  3. Academic Articles
    Articles for publication on the CD should be no longer than 3,000 words in length. A series of articles from the same source is welcomed. Shorter more precise articles are more likely to be accessed and utilised than longer ones. There is no intention to translate the submitted articles into other languages of the communion (as opposed to the Study Guide) and so care should be taken to use plain English, readable for those to whom English is a second language.

  4. Previously Published Material
    Previously Published material is welcome for submission. For copy right reasons any such material must be clearly marked and permission for publication obtained and forwarded to us. The author of the material has responsibility for obtaining the permission to publish on the CD. The form is on [WebPage]

  5. Form of Submission

    Submissions should be sent by email to with ‘Submission for Resources’ on the subject line.

    Submissions will preferably be in Microsoft Word or readable by Microsoft Word. Submissions on paper text will be accepted, especially from parts of the world where access to computers is limited.

    Pictures and video clips etc. will require other forms.

    Please label clearly which section or sections you are submitting to. Clarity and brevity will be taken as significant virtues for publication.
  6. Information Required

    For a submission from a group or diocese:
    We need the name of the group, a contact name for the submission (including title and position in the group), a physical address (including country) and any website and phone number.

    For an individual submission:
    We need: A contact name, title, a physical address (including country) and phone number. If the person holds a position in the church, lay or ordained we would value that information. For lay people or ministers in secular employment we would value your job title.

  7. Anonymity and Submission
    We are dedicated to making safe space. For this, the facilitator offers anonymity to those who wish it. However, the Facilitator will need all the above information for publication. Anonymity can be of name alone or can include role in the church, job title and nationality.

  8. Criteria for Publication
    The decision to publish will be solely in the hands of the Facilitator, who will be advised by the editors.

    Submission is not a guarantee of publication.
    Where several submissions have effectively covered the same ground from the same cultural context it will be necessary to choose those which reflect best a point of view or a life experience.

  9. In line with the commitment of the bishops in Resolution I.10 of the 1998 Lambeth conference to “listen to the experience of homosexual persons”, priority will be given to hearing that experience.