The Listening Process

Guidelines for Submissions – General

  1. Respect
    Respect for Gay and Lesbian people.
    The demonising, victimising and diminishment of people whose attractions happen to be ordered towards people of the same sex is condemned by the Windsor Report, the Primates in 2005 and by consistent Resolutions of the Lambeth Conference.

    Respect for people whose reading of the Bible and understanding of tradition and reason lead them to reject homosexual practice.
    The easy labelling of someone as “phobic” for principled views will not allow dialogue to emerge.

    Guide to Respect
    1. Not Seeking to Cause Offence
      Submissions should not seek to cause offence.
    2. Language Used
      1. Submissions in English should follow the language used in the “Glossary of Terms” on this website.

        For example: The word “gay” is defined as “a man who is emotionally and sexually attracted to other men. It is the preferred term of self identification for many homosexual men. It is also a term used to describe the whole GLBT community. Some men who have sex with men do not self-identify as gay.” By this definition a “gay” man is not assumed to be in an active partnership.
      2. The use of the terms of self identification is always encouraged. Thus an ex gay man may wish to be known as some one who struggled with unwanted same sex attraction issues.
    3. UK Law
      As we intend to publish in the UK. All submissions will have to conform to UK law.

  2. Mission Orientation

    The resources for the Lambeth Conference are designed to assist the Bishops in the task of God’s mission. All submissions should take that into consideration. Four of the Five Marks of Mission are deemed relevant and while it is not expected that any one submission will address all of these marks, at lest one should be held in mind in the writing of the submissions.

    The Five Marks of Mission
    • To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
    • To teach, baptise and nurture new believers
    • To respond to human need by loving service
    • To seek to transform unjust structures of society
    • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

  3. Develop Dialogue

    Contributors are asked to consider how their submission might contribute to dialogue. Strongly held beliefs and attitudes are welcomed. However, such beliefs need to be offered in a manner which does not dismiss or diminish the offerings of others. This requires contributors to argue positively for their own perspective rather than to be negative about those of others.
  4. Prayer

    Contributors are asked to pray about their submission. The ultimate task is for us collectively to hear the voice of God.
  5. The Anglican Way of Doing Theology

    Contributors are asked to bear in mind the Anglican Way of doing theology. For an outline of the methodology you can refer to the Virginia Report Section 3.5 to 3.11 on (page 15ff).