The Listening Process


Can I contribute?

Yes. Anyone can contribute. You do not have to be in an organisation to send something. Submissions are now closed

Do I have to cover every issue?

No. It is best to write clearly on something you feel you have something to contribute. You can make more than one submission.

Can my group contribute?

Yes. A group contribution is welcome. Make sure that the group is all involved and that one person is not speaking on behalf of others. A group contribution will have the same respect as a personal contribution.

Do I have to be a Pastor or a Theologian?

No. Personal testimony is valued in listening. It is better if you do not try to write an academic article if you are not used to writing essays.

Will you publish what I write?

It is not guaranteed that we will publish all we are offered. You will not be excluded because of your views, but your article may be very similar to many others and so we will publish ones like yours.

Do I have to write 3,000 words?

No. Any length up to 3,000 words will be acceptable. A single page of A4 is more likely to be given proper attention than a long article.