The Listening Process

Reports from the Provinces - Church of the Province of Myanmar.

The Province of Myanmar stresses the context in which it exists. It is a minority church within a primarily Buddhist country. While the communities within which the church exists remain conservative in belief and practice, the effect of the modern media has been felt. Films, magazines, television and the internet have given an impression of a sex-saturated society.

The church passed a report at the meeting of the Province in November 2005 which stated clearly the current situation.

The church stresses the importance of relationships. Teaching on the primacy of relationship will assist those who are in need of education. Because of the reluctance to talk about sex and sexuality in the society there is an increase in AIDS and teenage sex.

The report states: ‘God’s purpose in creating different sexes is to have intimate relationship between the two people. So there is a deeper meaning on sexuality and that is what we need to interpret at this very present time.'

In response the Mothers' Union is focusing on the Christian marriage and family and the Youth Department is launching a program to teach sex education from a biblical and ethical point of view.

Homosexuality is known within the society but it is looked down upon. Some men dress as women and some women dress as men and they have roles in acting and entertainment.

The communities of the church are generally conservative.

However, within resolution 1.10 of the Lambeth Conference, the Province of Myanmar is ready to listen to the experience of homosexual persons.