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18 April 2015

A prayer for those in hospital, and all those who care for them. Especially pray for Jane, who broke her hip whilst on holiday in Dubrovenic. Pray that she will regain the strength to be able to be discharged and fit to travel home shortly to the UK. Lord in thy mercy, hear our prayer, and care for Jane at this very difficult time.

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Mi familia y yo - Santiago Sampayo

17 April 2015

Necesitó oración por Mi hermano menor (13años) vivimos en Colombia y es muy duro lo que el ha pasado, tengo 16 años y me ha tocado hacer casi de Padre de mis hermanos. Estamos en mala situación económica, ayudenme para que Dios me oiga y nos ayude.
Santiago Sampayo de Colombia

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Security in my housing accommodation and health - Andrew

17 April 2015

I pray for security in my housing accommodation, healing and peace of mind in my distress.

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Comfort & Strength - Magi Griffin

16 April 2015

May God's comforting embrace give strength & courage now & in the days ahead. Global prayers are sent to all from every corner of Creation.

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Divine Encounter - Segun Adeoye

15 April 2015

Father forgive all my sins cleanse me your blood, heal me of my body pains give me an encounter with your Power and fill me. With your spirit.

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The growth of the Mothers Union in my parish - Bulie

15 April 2015

Creator God I'm your servant.Please give me strength to tolerat all forms of opposition in the position.I give my weaknesses to you Lord.I aknowledge all my iniquinities but I know you are a merciful God.Father, help me be an instrument in building your kingdom.Help me build a guild that will come to know you better and be prepared to listen to your call.Father help them in their branches and provide them with the skills in reading your Word Lord.

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Healing, repentance and serving the Lord.

15 April 2015

At 62years I desire to dedicate the rest of life to serving the LORD. My challenges are hip pain diabetes and necessary enablement to realize this dream. Please pray for me for healing and realization of my desire.

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Healing - Abraham

15 April 2015

Healing. Blessing and finances

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My interview - Su

14 April 2015

Help it to be the right time for me to take on the heavy joyous load & give me freedom of thought and speach

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Deliverance, healing, blessing - Barrett

14 April 2015

Pray for God's grace to overflow in my life, my home, and my business. That every curse spoken over my business, my life, and household be broken...

For the spirit of infirmity and confusion to be broken and bounded so that I can serve in the Kingdom of God more effectively.

I pray for wisdom in business and family finances. Resources, grants, and favor from God and man. I pray to be used by God more this year in the ministry and in my community.

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