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A Gentle Passing - Geoffrey

29 March 2015

For my father, who has suffered a long illness with grace, who has been blessed by a long life, rich in experience, the joys of the earth, and the love of family and friends. He is now slipping towards delirium and palliative care and his body fails him. I pray that his suffering be relieved, that my mother and familiy be comforted in their sadness. I pray for his immortal soul and that he be judged a righteous man and forgiven his sins, that he shall be received in joy and love by the Lord when he shall be called away from us. Thank you for your prayers.

For health and comfort - Christyann

26 March 2015

I pray for those who are ailing in mind, for my brother Andrew Hale Byrne, for my sisters Jacqui Slowey, and Lisa Laushway. I pray that they would be upheld in the prayers of many. Cover them in love and joy and may they find the peace they seek.

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Prayers for all the Christians in Pakistan - Paul Rana

25 March 2015

Please Lord continue to give strength and power to those who live in fear of persecution in Pakistan as they risk their life just to accept you as the Son of God and accept you as our saviour.All the power and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Prayers for families of Germanwings flight - Vickie

25 March 2015

My heart is hurting for the passengers of the Germanwings plane crash. I hope my heartfelt tears and prayers reach out and touch the families of all passengers. Hopefully God will give them strength, faith and hope during this tough time.

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Persercuted Christians in Pakistan & the leaders ministering to them - Ruth Hobbs from St.Peters Episcopl Church Rialto, Calif.

24 March 2015

Continue Lord to give courage and Strength to the Christians in Lahore and all areas in Pakistan as they risk their lives to bear witness to Jesus Christ and to the Primate and Bishops who minister to them as they teach as Jesus taught us to Love our neighbors .
All to the glory of Jesus Christ our savior.

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For loved ones of Germanwings plane crash victims

24 March 2015

Remembering the loved ones of those killed in the Germanwings plane crash in southern France

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Batwa community Rawander

24 March 2015

please pray for the people of the batwa community in Rewander Africa .Please pray for resourses for recreation for this community for books educational needs pens paper etc.for sport equictment footballd skipping ropes.materials sewing knitting,something for people to exspress them selves and to give and exsplore talents. to enrich their community and well being also for there basic needs to be met.thank you for all who pray for our brothers and sisters who are in need.

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Security of housing and health - Andrew

24 March 2015

I am facing serious illness and the very real prospect of losing my home. I am so desperately worried, despairing and alone. I pray for security, health and peace of mind in my old age. I would deeply appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

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Cross: God's instrument to Reconcile the World - The Very Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, D.Min. DD.

24 March 2015

Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?
Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow…
For these things I weep,
my eyes flow with tears;
for a comforter is far from me,
one to revive my courage;
my children are desolate,
for the enemy has prevailed.

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Our dearest Sister Mira - Shondha Mondol

23 March 2015

Our dearest Sister Mira, she spent all her life for the services of distressed humanity in remote villages at Haluaghat dedicating to the service of Christ. She is my school teacher and hostel superintendent. Today she is seriously ill and suffering from Heart block. She needs to undergo for surgical operation. Now she is under treatment admitting into BARDEM Hospital in Dhaka. I kindly request all my friends to remember her in their prayers that she may get cure soon with the blessings of our mercifully God.

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