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refugees and migrants

02 September 2015

Father God, you weep with us as you see broken hearts and bodies fleeing violence, fear and despair. Give us courage to do your work, bringing compassion and aid. Remind us that all things are possible for you, and we call on your healing hand to be at work

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Speedy recovery from sickness for my sister and divine intervention in solving my problem in school

02 September 2015

I pray oh lord to you for you to look with pity upon my kid sister who is sick for some time now.heal her,mighty Jesus from this illness,so that her joy will be full.Also,lord Jesus I want you help in my academic,that i will be able to sort out my school issues and graduate without further delay in the university that i am studying.i know you can assist me in achieving this,father.

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Mercy - Susan

01 September 2015

Please pray that I will be merciful to my care givers. I need 24 hour care due to an injury and cannot. Take care of myself for now. May I learn the treasure in this trial.

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Release of psychological oppression - motoko

01 September 2015

Even narrow God's way, is widely generous bosom should teach God's heart. You can not understand the intention of the priest, which is said Sonaeyo to God the retirement of no congregation to attend in the disease. It is pray that not a psychological suppression by religious religious. It is that God is trying to tell, for the big effort, after it's way to prick the thorn in the mind of the front of the congregation of the eye, or God if permits and you think that's, you want to know the intention to pray anyway. To like God's heart is spreads to every corner.

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God intervention in my business - Prince Adetogun Adewole

01 September 2015

That God should intervene in my business; increase and stabilise my sources of income; answered my prayer to purchase a school bus for my students; construct my college building.

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Restoration - Susan

31 August 2015

Please pray that I will stop having seizures that result in memory loss. Thank you.

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31 August 2015

thank you lord for my friend irean for praying for my sister healing.lord I appricate my friend for her compassion ,praying for blessing for her and her family.lord she helped restore my hope.thank you lord for putting her in my path that day.thank you lord I know all goodthings come from you

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30 August 2015

Please pray for Rebecca to surrender to The Lord. Her 5 children were removed due to physical and emotional issues. She needs to make Jesus The Lord of her life.

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Healing - Susan

30 August 2015

Please pray that my broken foot will heal quickly and without complications. Also, that the fear will leave and I will experience peace. Thank you for your compassion.

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Thank you God and please help my beautiful Daughter develop

30 August 2015

Father thank you for this beautiful day of my beautiful Daughter's Baptism, Thank you for my wonderful friends and family, who are supporting us. Lord, please help my Daughter so that she can speak and develop mentally, so that her developmental delay disappears soon and so that the doctors can find a cure for her. Lord please make her catch up with her peers and lead a normal happy life Thank you Lord for your mercy I entrust my Daughter to You. Amen

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