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intercession - Anton Ralph

11 February 2016

For my friend Patricia she has a serious problem with alcohol and she needs to find a place of her own to live. Ask the Lord to deliver her from her addiction and the lifestyle that goes with alcoholism.

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PRAY FOR ME - Debbie

10 February 2016

Please pray pray that my new account will go through successfully without any trouble as I have been forced to fend for myself and I now need an account, and it is upsetting when the person behind the counter treats you like some criminal please pray that I get through this and am able to start my self employed business so I can suvive. Thanks all.

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prayers for a friends daughter

10 February 2016

please pray for my friends daughter and her family, she is going through a really difficult time .please pray for the lords favour upon them and for a good out come on some news she is waiting on. Thank you for all who prayed for her in the past, some prayes were answered, giving thanks to the lord for his love and kindness and deeply appricated.

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lift the burden of depression from my husband and son - Ngaire

10 February 2016

Heavenly Father, I pray that my husband and son will become free of the depression that afflicts their lives at this time.

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Prayer for a new job - Thandi

09 February 2016

I pray for a new job that will be in line with my values

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Alife time husband - Rev. Damaris

09 February 2016

I have been praying to get a life time partner who will love, respect and cherish me and encourage me in the ministry and family life. But I have not found one by now.

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Prayer for the hunger-striken Malawians - Kondwani Chahole Mhone

08 February 2016

I pray that God Almighty protect Malawians who are currently hit by hunger. I pray that God should soften the hearts of the well-to-do for them to share whatever they have with the needy. Amen!

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08 February 2016

praying to be kept in your truth lord and freeing from any deception,praying for spiritual protection for my family and friends.

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Pray for an end to my troubles - Debbie

07 February 2016

Please pray for the awful smells around me to go. They surround me daily and simply just waft into the room without any notice. Especially when I am sitting still trying to meditate. Please pray that I find the root of this and I destroy it from its source. I feel that this may be connected to witchcraft through the spirit of someone physically here trying to harm me as I have also been through many upsets please pray for an end to this . Thank you.

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Comfort for unjustice at work (job loss) - Yan

05 February 2016

I have been a scapegoat at work and lost my job. I feel so unjustified at my heart. Could you please pray for me on receive comfort and wisdom at this special time? And please pray God will open other doors and opportunities! Amen

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