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Surgery & Healing - Robert M., UK

24 July 2016

Lord God, please keep me save during today's surgery. May I recover fully this time without the wound getting infected. Amen.

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Father no more strength - Jilian

23 July 2016

Heavenly father no more strength to fight with the devil. Have mercy on me. Forgive our sins. Save my family from hell. Protect me & my daughter from all evil, infection, illness. Protect my job, provide me finance.YOUR will be done. IJN Amen

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22 July 2016

dear lord I need someone to waik along side me spiritually.i need spiritual guidance and someone to speek truth to me.
I feel ive so much to give ,and can do so much better,but my emotions get in the way.I would like to live my life more whole,but I'm struggling each day and tend to give up easy.lord I m praying also for my family for your mercy and grace.praying for protection and undeserverd faver upon our lives.please also pray for my to dear friends who are is in hospital with a stroke please pray for a speedy recovery .her sister is wating to go in for operation,praying all will go well.praying for all who will be taken care of them,for the doc.ters and nurses thank you.armen

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In gret need of God`s help. - melanie

21 July 2016

I am really suffering at this time in my life, both mentally and physically, and would be grateful for your prayers. I have depression and suffer terribly with stress and nerves. I am also suffering from some health conditions, which are mostly stress related. I am a Christian and pray all the time, but I still feel so scared and lonely. Please pray for me. Thank you.

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Seeking and Finding His Love - Shancia Jarrett

21 July 2016

Dear Jesus,
Finding a moment to cherish and thank you for the assurance of your grace is the least I can do.

I love and thank you for loving me even when I fall short of your glory. Today, I thought of all those who I encounter and provide assistance to...some seldomly say thank you and if they do its one masked in depression. At times, I understand that even my assistance as a means of encouragement fails to bring joy to others. Even in times of progress- hearts remained disheartened. Show me your way Oh Father. I don't seek for others to give me thanks for my acts are of no measure in comparision to yours. Your gifts of salvation, life, love, death, and nature are just a few of your blessinds. I pray that the light and the joy of hope, a life spent with you brings joys to others. That same joy I discovered when I recommitted my life to you.

With Love,
Shancia Jarrett

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Father no more strength - Jilian

21 July 2016

Heavenly father no more strength to fight with the devil. Have mercy on me. Forgive our sins. Save my family from hell. YOUR will be done. IJN Amen

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my sister - karen

21 July 2016

praying for the repose soul of my dear sister.Tracy

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for people in hospitals the sick and the dieing

21 July 2016

praying for all who are sick and in hospital especially those whe have no one to pray for them,for healing and inner peace.praying that they feel loved and valued.praying for all who are dieing that they don't feel alone.thank you

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Anglican Church in Canada - Diane

20 July 2016

It appears that the Anglican Church in Canada is going through some very rough times since General Synod. Please pray for the church - that is the institution and all those who are members of the Anglican Church in Canada. May I suggest that we need God's will and guidance in the coming days, weeks, months and perhaps years. Thank you for your prayers.

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Healing From Affliction; Peace and Focus - Zach

20 July 2016

I've suffered what seems like an abundance of loss and heartache. I lost what I thought was a fantastic relationship a month and a half ago and I haven't really gotten over her yet; my great grandfather passed away, my grandmother (mom's biological mother) may be seeing her last days, and my other grandmother (mom's step-mother) has aggressive, however treatable cancer. Through all of this I feel the fabric of my life tearing apart bit by bit with no end. I've been angry, bitter, depressed, anxious; tempted by pornography, alcohol, and though never taken illicitly, by drugs as well. I've been unfocused on myself and more importantly the Lord and I ask for your prayers for myself and my family and peace with myself, my ex-girlfriend, my circumstances, the repose of my great grandfather's soul, and for my healing and my family's healing. Just to put it all in God's hands. Thank you my brothers and sisters. God Bless.

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