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Prayers Needed. - noelene joy rout

27 May 2015

NEEDED LONG TERM REPEATED prayers prayed over me here and there THROUGHOUT EACH DAY to The LORD God Almighty in & through the name of The Word of God The anointed Messiah the KING of KINGS LORD of LORDS The Great High Priest That Great Shepherd of the sheep The only begotten Son of The LORD God Almighty for healing, strength rest peace sleep safe & sound sleep peaceful waking & protection & deliverance from All Muslims & the adversary, & everyone of his demon's & all of their devices for myself a 71 year old widow Isa 1:17 at all times Plz&T.U

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womens human rights

26 May 2015

please pray for all woman and young girls who are being used as sex slaves by isis.please pray for the young girl who was burned alive for refusing to take part isis evil .praying for her family and for all the young girls who live near isis.praying for the world leaders to wake up and do something.praying for woman human rights,around the world. crying out on behalf of these girls who cant cry out for themselves.
am brocken hearted for these young woman,we can all do something ,please everyone pray and rember these girls each day in our prayers for an end to this evil.dear lord lifting each suffering girl into your loving care.armen.

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Heal My Chronic Back Pain - Dane Karnick

25 May 2015

Lord Jesus, please heal my chronic back pain, so that I can sit in comfort and perform tasks easier at work and home. You are forever in my heart. Hosanna in the Highest. Amen.

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Peace - M B N R

21 May 2015

For peace in Syria and the Yemen and the middle East in General.

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Steadfastness and faith.

18 May 2015

My health and finances are terribly challenging . Please join me in praying that come what come May my faith and trust in GOd and our LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST remain intact.

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God's guidance - Bulie

18 May 2015

Father I pray that you pour your holy spirit in each of the people in our parish.Help them Father to read your word,understand and do it.Lord Jesus Christ instil the spirit of stewardship in their lives.The church is in tatters Lord.We are in desperate needs of funds.Creator God I pray that you guide me in leading your church.Give me the spirit of humility,love and patience.I believe in your holy powers Lord.Amen

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prayer for things to change

18 May 2015

I have had some truly terrible times in my personal and professional life, and my life it is well and truly off track. My confidence and self-value is at rock bottom, and I have been emotionally and psychologically devastated. I am at a loss for what God wants for me. But, after a year of being an unemployed and highly educated professional, I have a job interview on Wednesday 3 June. Please pray that this will be the start of getting my life back on track. It is probably my very last chance. Thank you.

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deliverance from evil people - laura

18 May 2015

o lord thank you for blessing those who are in need for the truth and protection from the evil dishonest people bring, in the name of the Holy Spirit Amen.

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healing for a friend

17 May 2015

please pray for my friend carl.hes got a eating disorder and emotional problems.please pray for healing and for the right medical people to help and surport praying that he finds joy and peace of the lord in his life.hes asking for help,please rember him in your prayers.thank you thanks to the lord for his love and kindness for he is iways with the broken hearted,and his mercy and grace new each morning.

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for a mental health evening room

16 May 2015

please pray for our nabourhood center .that we could please use the sancutuary room for a all night sanctory and healing room for people who are struggling with mental heaith. dear lord I believe in your mercy and love am believing that this requet will come to pass.lord we have the room we just need to open early hours and for the room to be available,i would gladly volunteer my not a docter but I do know 1st hand about mental health.lord you say in your word ask seek knock and believe. lord am willing to believe for this .thank you lord.please would you pray for all who suffer with mental health.god bless and thank you.

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