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? - N

01 July 2016

Lord, do You really hate me this much?
What sin did I commit to make You punish me like this? Your Word says that You are a God of love, peace and justice. You see the injustice, You see the pain and suffering. You see the wrong done against me and my children. We have nowhere to turn to but You and You forsake us also. Can You just once answer one of my prayers and come and take me and my two darling children of off this earth to be with You. I can't take this anymore. I can't do this anymore. I've been fighting the good fight for many years and I keep one loosing, I can't do this anymore and I kind let my children suffer as I have been all my life. Please God.

My Daughter

26 June 2016

Please help my daughter with her eating disorder and self harming behaviors oh lord. We are finishing up treatment on Wednesday to return home. Please let her have received the tools she needs. Let her look to you lord jesus for help and answers that she needs on a daily basis. Help her with her struggles. Let her know you lord and not know of you. I pray that all negativity be casted out of our lives and all favoritism be gone. Please help her to cope and deal with her peers when she returns to school and everyday. Thank you for your strength.


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My family - Melissa

26 June 2016

I pray that me, my mother, and my sister deepen and strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. Also, I pray that all demons, ghosts, and negativity be cast out of our lives so that love can flourish around and within us. I pray God sends angels to protect us, and through His mercy, I pray that we are forgiven of our sins and are consecrated to Him to fulfill his divine purpose. In Jesus' loving name I pray. Amen.

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Give me my own child - yasuko

25 June 2016

Please help me get pregnant. You are almighty. You can do anything. I need my child. I'll bring up my child to give you glory. I ask this in the name of Jesus.

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parenting - anonymous

23 June 2016

motherhood situation my son to want me and love me just as much as he loves his grandparents and father

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health - rebecca

23 June 2016

mental emotional health - healing and good health in mind body and soul

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prayer for peace in south sudan - kenyi emmanuel Dube

23 June 2016

please share to pray for the peace process in south Sudan and the devastating economic situation that is getting worse on daily basis as the majority of the population are leaving with an earning of less that 0.2 $ a day which can afford nothing other than dirty untreated water from the river Nile
please let us join in the prayer so that God will direct all the leaders in this young nation to embrace peace so the the common man can leave a better life

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23 June 2016

I had been abused by my parents since I was very little until they died. Because of this I suffer from multiple personality disorder.
Lord please heal me. In the name of Jesus.

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Growth and infrastructure formation of special needs ministry - Sharon Betts

22 June 2016

Lord, I ask for your inspiration and guidance in the formation of and the support systems required to share your Gospel with individuals who have special needs, their caretakers and family. May your blessing be with us as we go out into the surrounding communities. Protect us and keep us focused on your purpose, surrounding us and the participants of this ministry with your Holy Spirit! In all of this we pray, Amen

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A Miracle (my job) - Marcia

21 June 2016

Dear God, I pray that you will guide those who have the power to change the decision about making my position redundant. I pray that it is not too late. I pray that you will guide me when I write a letter asking that the decision be reviewed. I pray every day dear God. Amen

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