Anglican Consultative Council - ACC 14


Membership of the ACC is determined by the Constitution of the Anglican Consultative Council, section 3, and the Schedule of Membership. Members are appointed or elected by their Province for a maximum of 3 Meetings, or six years, whichever is longer, or for such shorter period as the appointing body shall determine.

A member remains a member until immediately prior to the meeting at which his or her successor takes his or her place (ACC 4, Resolution 28). The current members of the ACC are those who participated in the most recent meeting of the ACC.

Participants at ACC-14

The Most Revd and Rt Hon Rowan Williams (England)

The Rt Revd John Paterson (Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia)

Vice Chair
Professor George Koshy (Church of South India)

The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia
The Rt Revd John Campbell Paterson (Chair and Additional Member)
Dr Anthony Fitchett
The Ven Turi Hollis

The Anglican Church of Australia
The Rt Revd Andrew William Curnow
Mr Robert Fordham
The Ven Dr Sarah Macneil

The Church of Bangladesh
The Revd Sunil Mankhin

Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil
Professor Joanildo Burity

The Anglican Church of Burundi
The Rt Revd Martin Blaise Nyaboho - awaiting visa

The Anglican Church of Canada
The Revd Dr Stephen Andrews
The Rt Revd Susan Elisabeth Moxley
Ms Suzanne Lawson

The Church of the Province of Central Africa
The Rt Revd James Tengatenga
Mr Daniel Taolo

Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America
Miss Maria Elizabeth Barahona Flores

Province de L'Eglise Anglicane Du Congo
The Rt Revd Kahwa Henri Isingoma
The Revd Joyce Muhindo Tsongo - Unable to attend

The Church of England
The Rt Revd Michael Arthur Hill
Canon Elizabeth Paver
The Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
The Revd Peter Douglas Koon

The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Revd Canon Razafindralambo Samitiana Jhonson
Dr Michel Razafiarivony

The Church of Ireland
Miss Kate Turner
The Revd Dr Maurice Elliott

The Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Anglican Communion in Japan)
The Rt Revd Lawrence Minabe

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East
The Rt Revd Azad Marshall

The Anglican Church of Kenya
The Rt Revd Samson Mwakitawa Mwaluda
Mr Amos Kirani Kiriro

The Anglican Church of Korea
The Revd Abraham Gwang Joon Kim

The Church of the Province of Melanesia
Ms Merilyn Tahi - unable to attend

La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico
Miss Sarai Osnaya-Jimenez - unable to attend

The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)
Dr San Myat Shwe

The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
The Rt Revd Ikechi Nwachukwu Nwosu
Mr Abraham Yisa
The Ven Dr Abraham Chibuike Okorie

The Church of North India (United)
The Revd Ashish Amos
Mr Kalyan Peterson -unable to attend

The Church of Pakistan (United)
Mr Humphrey Peters
The Revd Shahid Mehraj - unable to attend

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
Unable to attend

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines
Mr Floyd Lalwet - unable to attend

Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda
The Rt Revd Josias Sendegeya
Mrs Jane Dinah Mutoni

The Scottish Episcopal Church
Mr John Stuart

Church of the Province of South East Asia
Dato Stanley Isaacs

The Church of South India (United)
Professor George Koshy (Vice Chair and Additional Member)
The Most Revd John Wilson Gladstone
The Revd Moses Jayakumar
Mr J M Richard

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa
The Most Revd Thabo Cecil Makgoba
Ms Nomfundo Walaza - Unable to attend
The Revd Janet Trisk

Southern Cone
The Rt Revd Bill Godfrey

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
The Rt Revd Ezekiel Kondo
The Revd Canon Enock Tombe

The Anglican Church of Tanzania
The Rt Revd Gerard E Mpango
The Revd Canon Dr. R Mwita Akiri
Mrs Judith K Ghemela

The Church of the Province of Uganda
Mrs Jolly Babirukamu
The Rt Revd Elia Paul Luzinda Kizito - Unable to attend

The Episcopal Church
The Rt Revd Catherine S Roskam
The Revd Dr Ian Theodore Douglas
Ms Josephine Hicks

The Church in Wales
The Very Revd Christopher Nicholas Lynden Potter
Mrs Helen Biggin

The Church of the Province of West Africa
Mrs Philippa Amable

The Church in the Province of the West Indies
Dr Barton Scotland
The Ven Cornell Moss

The Church of Ceylon
The Rt Revd Kumara Illangasinghe

Co-opted Members
Mr Michael Lee Tamihere (Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia)
Ms Sarah Tomlinson (Scotland)
Mrs Maria Christina Borges Alvarez (Cuba)
The Rt Revd Carlos López-Lozano (Spain)

Primates Standing Committee
The Most Revd Dr. Phillip John Aspinall (Australia)
The Most Revd Dr Mouneer Hanna Anis (Jerusalem and the Middle East)
The Most Revd Henry Luke Orombi (Uganda) - Unable to attend
The Most Revd Katharine Jefferts Schori (US based)
The Most Revd Dr Barry Cennydd Morgan (Wales)
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